Nokia, Qualcomm and Microsoft : abuse, monopoly and losses in the value / tax aid of Nokia , a fraudulent crash to sell cheap to Hedge-Funds ?

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Feb 24, 2011, 2:31:13 PM2/24/11
The Nokia exclusive deal with Microsoft is in my opinion very bad -and
potentially illegal - for stockholders, employees and consumers :
a ) Nokia becomes dependent on Microsoft for all its software,
upgrades and releases : Nokia loses its independence forever ,
b ) Nokia spends all its money and profits on huge royalties to
Microsoft with no way out , also forever ! ,
c ) since Microsoft has another exclusive deal with Qualcomm for the
chips of WP7, Nokia becomes totally dependent on just one single
processor provider, Qualcomm, and becomes a simple hardware assembly
company ,
d ) all the patents of Nokia become just a support of the Microsoft -
Qualcomm team and a huge loss forward for Nokia itself , and just
these 4 points are a major loss for all the stockholders, pensioners,
retirees, bondholders and employees of Nokia and this is totally
against the fiduciary oath of all the Nokia Board members and top
executives : this is fraudulent and criminal activity against all the
stockholders and employees of Nokia .

Other companies like HTC , Motorola, and Samsung, etc., are using
multiple platforms, Android and other Linux flavors and in most cases
they have their own chips or multiple choices of processors, so why
would Nokia with 3 existing choices end all of them and surrender its
future to another company ? and why only Qualcomm for processors ? why
not Symbian, Linux - Android and MS and multiple choices for chips ?

If Nokia executives were ready to spend 1 billion euros to purchase
Palm a few months ago, how can they say they cannot afford 3
platforms ? for 50-100 million euros they could have their own Linux
option,so why then become the slaves of another company ? in my
opinion this decision is a fraud from some of the Board of Directors
members, and most likely to crash the Stock Value of Nokia and make it
easy for a few Hedge-Funds , Investment Bankers and Private Equity
Partners to buy Nokia for very little money, a total organized fraud .

In my opinion, the Authorities in Finland and the EU should
investigate why the Board of Directors of Nokia would make such a bad
decision and against the short and long term interests and benefits of
Nokia, in my opinion there is clearly collusion between some of the
executives of Nokia, Microsoft, Qualcomm and their lawyers, advisers
and bankers, this is criminal fraud and a full Investigation is due.

Also these legal tax points are important :

a) Nokia got huge tax credits, tax benefits and R&D Aid to develop new
products, new patents and new jobs and business opportunities , from
the Government of Finland, Nordic Agencies and from the EU .
b) Nokia got also many general, security, intelligence , etc.,
Contracts from official agencies in Finland, Nordic countries and the

To give away all these grants, official aid and Tax cuts by becoming
totally dependent on Microsoft and Qualcomm exclusively is equal to
transferring all these taxpayers assets to these other companies , at
the very minimum this is criminal incompetence and a major loss for
stockholders , employees , taxpayers and consumers , so let's hope
honest EU Judges will make a decision about its legality soon and
before its too late.

Here is the Board of Directors of Nokia, the ones who have approved
these decisions even before the May, 3, 2011 Stockholders Meeting :

And for National and Commercial Security , this exclusive deal puts
all the " Network Keys" in the hands of executives and employees of
Microsoft and Qualcomm, and since they have their own Digital Content
Management and access from remote as well as tracking systems, deep
packet inspection , executive spear phishing, etc., this becomes a
huge security Trojan Horse for consumers, Law Enforcement, Justice
Dpt's, EU and USA Elected Officials and Banking and Financial
Institutions, a huge potential for economic and security disasters and
a near monopoly in choices and options for software and hardware , and
all this is unconstitutional.

Solutions : Nokia can easily launch a " tablet-large smart phone" with
its own chip designs ( they are big stockholders in ARM ) or with
AMD,Intel ,nVidia,TI,STMicro ,etc., with basic browsing,e-mail, text,
camera , video , etc., with a Symbian-Linux-MS basic bridge and for
150-200 euros with the massive manufacturing volume power of Nokia ,
so why then give up everything for the benefit of the 2 other
companies ?

With new 3D browsers ( like Body Browser ,
) and new projector, scanner, swipe debit card, analyzer ,
hologram,etc., applications soon on the markets and benefiting all the
consumers , why restrict the potential of this huge EU asset to only
these 2 companies ?

In my opinion all these questions demand a full Investigation .

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