DD Coalition

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Welcome -
This group was started in order to have an open dialogue regarding issues of caring for our citizens and loved ones who happen to have an intellecutal disability.  It doesn't matter if you are the parent, sibling, caregiver, friend of, work with or are a person with a intellectual disability.
I believe in choice, a choice that is guaranteed to us all, and with that choice, one needs to be educated.  We have had problems in the past with only one side of some information being disseminated to people.  This is largely due to ideology of certain advoacy groups which tend to control many of the online groups and social groups.  This is very sad to me because there is so much sharing and cooperation that could benefit all, yet a division line has put a fence up.
It is my hope to promote a continuum of care and realize that each person is an individual whose specific needs and supports need to be looked at to allow each person to make the choice that is optimal for them within that continuum of care.
Please join in the discussions - I have invited many that I know and all the people connected with The Arc Chapters in our state and the members and staff of the Washington State Developmental Disbilities Council and other advocacy groups in our state that I am aware of.  Please invite others and share information - that is how we can benefit ALL people with developmental disabilities
Thank you,
Cheryl Felak, RN, BSN
Seattle, WA