Viewer shows more images of a Study than I can see on DCM4CHEE's GUI

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Tamás Sipos

Jul 26, 2018, 3:51:08 AM7/26/18
to dcm4che

When I import them to DCM4CHEE's Archive, a Study is created with 6 DICOM objects, 3 of them with pixel data, 3 of them without pixel data:

When I make a C-GET for the Study using dcm4che from Java, the onDimseRQ method of my BasicCStoreSCP class is invoked 6 times (so for each DICOM object) and 3 of these DICOM objects I can convert and save as JPEG (the same 3 pictures that I can open from DCM4CHEE's GUI too).

However, if I open the Study for example with Weasis, I see 35+27+27 images:

Can someone please explain it to me why it looks like that, how MR works? (I have another MR Study to test with, but for that I see the same amount of images (61) on DCM4CHEE's Archive and in a Viewer.)

Nicolas Roduit

Jul 26, 2018, 3:25:28 PM7/26/18
to dcm4che
Those series are  Enhanced MR(multiframe files not supported by all the viewers) and non-image objects (MR Spectroscopy).
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