Complete install and deploy but Wildfly/DCM4CHE web pages incomplete and Unauthorized errors

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Colby Scott

Jan 10, 2020, 11:34:07 AM1/10/20
UPDATE: Disregard. Figures as soon as I break down and post the question I find the answer that I'm been searching all morning for.

Thanks to!searchin/dcm4che/401|sort:date/dcm4che/QG2oDIyAOhg/uizbKI42DQAJ I found that I had a typo in one of my Web Origins in the dcm4chee-arc-ui client config.

Sorry for the bother!


After completing steps per, there seem to be portions of pages missing, some accompanied by 401 (unauthorized) errors.

Please see the attached examples. There seem to be at least some fields, etc. missing from about every page. Some give the 401 error and some don't. My attached examples are as logged in as dcm4che realm admin account but the user account gets the same result.

http failure response for http://dir-edo-:8080/dcm4chee-arc/attribute-filter/patient: 401 unauthorized

Strangely, there is no corresponding even in either the Wildfly or Keycload server log. I can provide those if needed, but I didn't see anything relating to this issue in there.

I'm guessing some aspect of the Wildfly install went awry without notice. However, I've been the documentation and I can't figure out where that might have been. Hoping, I can just re-perform some copy, extraction, or import portion again to remedy the issue.

Thanks in advance!
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Colby Scott

Jan 10, 2020, 11:41:46 AM1/10/20
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