Patient-Matching and Update Strategy

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Julius Klever

Jun 27, 2015, 6:02:01 AM6/27/15
Dear all,

i think i need your help. In my scenario I distribute all Patient Information via dcm4chee worklist but unfortunatelly there is one modality that edits given demographic information and i'am unable to configure it not to do this. (The modality replaces every blank with a ^, which leads to strange interpretation of family name, given name, etc.)

I could now say - ok i will dissable update of patient information - so that always the first existing entry (which was the entry of the worklist information) is used.
But in this case i would have the Problem, if something was misspelled i could not fix it automatically on a new entry.

I'd like to have it, that if a new Worklist entry for a  patient is created it will update to this information, but ignore the changes from the modalities.

Is there a way to exclude specific AETs from updating Patient information or something like this? For matching it would be okay for me to rely only on PatientID.

I'am looking forward to hear your ideas...

Best regards


Jun 30, 2015, 7:38:47 AM6/30/15
You can emulate the modality using the worklist with cstorerq2mwl-cfindrq.xsl - query the MWL item and update demographics etc. of the incoming dicom object based upon the result.
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