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Aug 23, 1994, 9:39:00 PM8/23/94
From: Joseph Stusnick <stus...@cap.gwu.edu>
Reply-To: Joseph Stusnick <stus...@cap.gwu.edu>
Subject: PPTC SEP 1994 RIDE SCHEDULE (1000+ lines)

PLEASE NOTE: This message is about 1000 lines long ( ~ 40KB )

The Potomac Pedalers Touring Club Ride Schedule is published monthly
in the Pedal Patter follows. Please check the Pedal Patter for any
changes, corrections, etc.

PPTC NON-MEMBERS may call (202)363-TOUR for information about PPTC,
other bicycling organizations and special events.

We always need people willing to lead rides. Over 400 cue-sheets of time
tested rides are available for ride leaders to select from. Cue sheets
and maps can be obtained from Ride Coordinators when you agree to lead a ri=
Names and telephone numbers for ride coordinators are listed on page two
of each Pedal Patter.


PPTC, in its endeavor to meet the desires of its very diverse
membership, has developed the following ride classifications.

D: Casual/Social; Avg Spd =3D 10 MPH; Dist =3D 10-20 mi
C: Short Touring; Avg Spd =3D 11 MPH; Dist =3D 20-30 mi
CC: Easy Touring; Avg Spd =3D 13 MPH; Dist =3D 30-50 mi
B: Touring; Avg Spd =3D 15 MPH; Dist =3D 30-70 mi
A: Fast Touring; Avg Spd =3D 17 MPH; Dist =3D 35-100 mi
AA: Training; Avg Spd =3D 19 MPH; Dist =3D 35-100 mi
Intervals of faster riding.
Hills attacked aggressively.
AX: Fast Training; Avg Spd =3D 20+ MPH; Dist =3D 10-20 mi
For race-oriented riders.
Must be Familiar with Pace-line
R: Radonneur; Avg Spd =3D 15 MPH; Dist =3D at least 123 mi
ATB: All Terrain; Speed & distances vary.

(H) indicates a hilly ride.

Ride leaders, unless they indicate otherwise, stay within
2 mph and 5 miles of the advertised pace and distance.


Detailed directions to ride start locations (with 3-letter code in
parentheses) are provided in the PPTC Reference Manual which is provided
to each PPTC member.


Many rides will state minimum 'GO' conditions at the end of the first line
of the ride description. For example, 40deg/40% means the ride will go if
the predicted hig temperature is at least 40 degrees and the probability
of precipitation is lower than 40%. If the the predicted high temperature
is lower than 40 degrees OR the probability of precipitation is 50% or
higher, the ride will be cancelled. As a general rule, if it is raining or
snowing at the time any ride is to start, or if the roads are icy or snow
covered, the ride will be cancelled. The C&P forecast at 936-1212 two hour=
befor the ride is to start will be the determinant. Call the ride leader i=
in doubt.


September -- Tuesdays

ALL * ? * VA * 6:30 PM * Barcroft Park (BPK)
Barcroft Tuesdays. The ride length will be determined by available
daylight. The intent is for riders averaging 10 mph to complete
the ride by sunset. After the ride (or about 15 minutes after
sunset if you can't make the ride start) we'll meet at Armand's
Chicago Pizzeria, 4706 King Street (between Skyline and Walter Reed
Drive) for pizza and good fun. If we get rained out, meet at
Armand's at 7 PM. The ride start is in the rear parking lot at
Barcroft Park. The entrance is adjacent to the tennis courts off
Four Mile Run Drive between Walter Reed Drive and George Mason
Drive. This ride is also listed by the Reston (VA) Bicycle Club.
Tony Stalls (703) 522-1568.

AX/AA/A * 25-30 * MD * 5:30 PM * Cherry Tree SC (US-29 & MD-216)
Another Tuesday Trainer. Let's fire up those quads and roll out
the miles in scenic and challenging Western Howard County as the
annual Tuesday/Thursday tradition continues.
Geoff Silberman (410) 997-4658.

AX/AA/A(H) * 25-32 * MD * 6/5:45 PM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Tuesday Trainer. A challenging ride with lots of hills, and lots
of old familiar faces to commiserate with. Come out, and enjoy the
evening with all your friends. Ride starts at 6 PM through the
13th and at 5:35 beginning the 20th.
Karen Berlage (301) 258-9425.

AX/AA/A/B * 15-25 * MD * 6 PM * Buddy Attick Park (BUD)
Madcap Madness. Now the longest "riding" mid-week ride expands to
Tuesdays. Sam routes, same familiar faces, just a day earlier. As
usual, remember to park on Ivy Lane across Kenilworth from BUD.
David Weiss (301) 565-3395.

AA/A * 20 * VA * 6:00 PM * Vienna Community Center (VCC)
Ghost Leader. Quick-paced ride (except for the first 3 mi of bike
path). Cue sheets available.

A * 23-30 * MD * 6:30 AM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Laytonsville in the Morning. A great way to start the day as the
sun comes up over the rolling countryside of Montgomery County.
Coffee, bananas and baked goods are available at the 7-11.
Ellen Shampain (301) 949-0484.

A/B * 23 * MD * 6/5:30 PM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Laytonsville Loops. Rolling countryside with a couple good hills
to get the heart pumping. Pizza, pasta, cappuccino or other
Italian delights after the ride. Ride starts at 6 PM through the
13th and at 5:30 beginning the 20th.
Fawzi Emad (301) 921-9715.

September -- Wednesdays

A/B * 25 * MD * 6/5:30 PM * Harry Grove Stadium, Frederick
Mid-Week Warm-up. (Directions: Take Route 270 north, to Market
Street exit, left at New Design Rd, left into stadium parking lot.)
Rider leader will bring a tandem if someone would like to ride as a
stoker. Ride starts at 6 PM through the 14th and at 5:30 beginning
the 21st.
Dick Shorten (301) 694-2944.

A/B * 28 * MD * 5:45/5:20 PM * Seneca Creek Aqueduct (SEN)
Poolesville Flyer. Casual but fast paced ride around and through
Poolesville with an optional feed stop in town. Strong "CC" riders
encouraged to join in. Ride starts at 6 PM through the 14th and at
5:30 beginning the 21st.
Harold Goldstein and Janet Young (202) 966-9091.

CC * 25 * MD * 6:15 PM * Buddy Attick Park (BUD)
Hump Day Hummer. Nothing like a bike ride and a pizza party to get
you over the hump. Come out and enjoy a moderate pace ride through
the Agriculture Center and top it off with trip to three brothers.
George Schneider (301) 249-9373.

September -- Thursdays

AX/AA/A * 25 * MD * 5:30 PM * Gateway Park
Another Thursday Trainer. (Directions: I-95 north, exit at Rt 175
west, first exit onto Gateway Drive into Gateway Industrial Park.)
A change in location for those getting tired of the same old route
from Cherry Tree SC. Speed work and intervals are the basis for
this ride and leaner/meaner bodies are the goal.
Geoff Silberman (410) 997-4658.

AX/AA/A(H) * 25-32 * MD * 6/5:45 PM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Thursday Trainer. A challenging ride with lots of hills, and lots
of old familiar faces to commiserate with. Come out, and enjoy the
evening with all your friends. Ride starts at 6 PM through the
15th and at 5:45 beginning the 22nd.
Karen Berlage (301) 258-9425.

AA/A * 20 * VA * 6:00 PM * Vienna Community Center (VCC)
Ghost Leader. Quick-paced ride (except for the first 3 mi of bike
path). Cue sheets available.

A/B * 23-32 * MD * 6/5:30 PM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Laytonsville Loops. Rolling countryside with a couple of good
hills to get you into shape for the '94 season. Pizza, pasta,
cappuccino, or other Italian delights at after the ride. Ride
starts at 6 PM through the 15th and at 5:30 beginning the 22nd.
George Haas (202) 686-1936.

C * 10-20 * DC * 6:30 PM * Tenley Circle (TEN)
Thursday Tenley Rides. Almost over but the eating. Social ride
around MD and DC on possibly quiet residential streets with pizza
afterwards. Length of the ride depends on the light available.
LAST RIDE of the year is September 29! Not to worry though, we'll
continue to meet through the winter for war stories, beer and
Mitch Hyman (202) 244-0148 or Steve Brickel (703) 920-9535.

D * ? * MD * 5:30 PM * Seneca Creek State Park (SSP)
In The Park. Join us as we inspect each nook and cranny of this
beautiful park. The ride is designed to allow all classes of
riders to migrate through the several loops in the park at their
own pace and keep up with the group; nobody gets dropped. Meet in
the parking lot just up the hill from the boat center. The ride
starts at 5:30 PM but you can join us at any time up until 7:30 PM.
After the ride, until September 15th, we will gather for a
bring-your-own pot-luck dinner in the picnic area up the hill from
the boat center. We have re-scheduled our rained out
TACKY-TEE-SHIRT night for this final picnic (9/15). Call or write
for a cue sheet, a park map and instructions on how to find us if
you happen to arrive after the start time.
Bill Oberle (301) 926-3483 or Janet Ware (301) 977-6246.

September 3 Saturday

AX/AA * 70ish * MD * 8 AM * Potomac ES (POT) * 50%
Runner Turned Cyclist. New club member and former national class
runner is coming on strong. The new ride leader has picked a
close-in but quiet ride start that doesn't get used enough.
Tem Washington (703) 243-7509.

AA(HHH) * 67 * VA * 10 AM * Nelly's Ford Grocery Store
Wintergreen/Montebello Bridge to Bridge Warm-up. (Directions:
Nelly's Ford is on Rte 151 south of Charlottesville. Plans are to
carpool from Tyler ES (TYL) leaving at 7:30 AM.) Should be back at
6:30 or 7 PM at the latest. Riders can stay overnight at the Acorn
Inn at the base of Wintergreen before or after the ride. Ride will
do the treacherously steep Reed's Gap (2756 ft) 5 mi into the ride
and save the longer but mentally easier Montebello (3150 ft) till
mi 34. The 15 mi descent down Montebello is worth the trip, but
there is still the climb of Horseshoe Mtn (1837 ft) and its
switch-backed descent to play with too. Warning!! do not try to
follow the ride leader down this descent. It could be hazardous to
your health. Better put the BIGGEST cog you can find on your
freewheel for this one. CALL RIDE LEADER IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO HELP
Yves Prechac (703) 241-1514.

A * 70 * MD * 8:30 AM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
A Pre Labor Day Metric Century +. Come on out for a repeat of my
1st ever ride that I led. A fairly hilly route up toward New
Windsor and then back through Mt Airy.
Alan Adams (301) 570-3587.

A(H) * 78 * VA * 9 AM * Warren County HS Front Royal (WCH)
Edinburgh Gap. (Directions: In the reference manual, the start
location directions mention a High's at the turn onto Jackson St.
This store may no longer exist. Look for the street name.) Ride
leader thinks he is in shape so he's probably going to torture all
victims who show up. There are a few hills so be prepared to sweat
a bit.
Fred "No Mercy" Robbins (703) 765-5435.

B(H) * 55 * VA * 9:30 AM * MARSHALL (MAR)
The Blue Ridger. A favorite club ride wit lots of hills. Bring
strong legs or low gears.
Bobbie Bleistift (703) 379-2767.

B * 55/75 * MD * 9:30 AM * White Marsh ES (WHM)
Charlotte Hall and Somewhere Else. This scenic (but not flat) ride
will visit the Farmers Market in Charlotte Hall, as well as some of
the hidden Amish areas in Southern Maryland, and will also visit
Colton Point. Ride leader plans to ride an actual "B" pace.
Steve Palincsar (703) 548-1585.

CC * 38 * DC * 10:30 AM * Pierce Mill (PIM) * 50%
Lake Needwood Picnic. Easy ride on Bike-Trails to Lake Needwood
for a picnic lunch. We'll join Bob Piper's ride at Candy Cane
City. Bring bike locks and your lunch. Helmets Required.
Paul Najarian (703) 642-8580.

CC * 46 * VA * 9:30 AM * HM Pearson ES (HMP)
Rural Pleasures. Come enjoy this very popular ride through the
rural Virginia countryside. Cruise through small towns and past
rolling farmlands. You can either pack a lunch or buy food along
the route. No go if raining.
Jim Powers (703) 920-2048.

C * 26 * MD * 11 AM * Candy Cane City (CAN) * 50%
Lake Needwood Picnic. Easy ride on Bike-Trails to Lake Needwood
for a picnic lunch. Bring bike locks and your lunch. Helmets
Bob Piper (202) 244-8238.

C * 38 * MD * 10 AM * Riley's Lock (RIL)
Raspberries. This is a moderately hilly ride that will follow
"Back by Noon" from Chuck and Gail's Favorite Rides. After the
ride, leader plans to pick up lunch and go raspberry picking at
Homestead Farm. Raspberries have been fattened by the July rains
and should be great! The price is $2.75/lb. Bring helmets, locks
and water.
Douglas J. Kunzman (703) 533-3165.

C/CC * 35 * VA * 10 AM * Front Royal (FRO)
Shenandoah Meanderer. A pleasant ride Northward (only one hill of
note) on the eastbank of the Shenandoah within sight of the river
to Millwood for a picnic at a lovely park behind an historic
restored mill. Return on rolling hills on the westbank in sight of
the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains. Pretty river crossing at
Low Water Bridge. Helmets please.
Steve Taub (703) 471-4793.

D * 15 * VA * 10:30 AM * Vienna Community Center (VCC) * 45%
Enchilada Express. We'll chug on down the W&OD bike trail and
return to Anita's for some great Mexican food. Bring your helmets,
money, locks and your appetite.
Jack Stachoviak (703) 971-4060.

September 4 Sunday


Giovanni Casanova was a philanderous lover who lived in the 18th
century. Come to the small town in the Virginia countryside that
is named after this illustrious person. What are the secrets
hidden in this small community that the founding fathers would name
a town after this famous lover? Riding through the backroads from
Nokesville to Casanova, we may find the clues to unravel this
mystery. All rides will meet at the store in Casanova for a
picnic. Bring or buy your lunch at the store (simple sandwiches
are available). Drinks are also available. Maybe you can meet the
person of your dreams at this social event. NOTE: Nokesville
Community Park is 1/2 mile from Brentsville District HS (BRE) (left
from school) on Aden Road. The terrain is generally flat. Willa
and Bob Friedman -- coordinators -- (703) 978-7937

AA * 63 * VA * 9 AM * Tyler ES (TYL)
No Unclipping Until the Picnic A quick paced ride with a few
moderate hills to wet our appetites. Casanova will be about 43
miles into the ride. You are allowed to unclip at the rest stop.
Seth Riegle (703) 683-0021.

A * 65 * VA * 9 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
Casanova Excursion. (Directions: The new start location is: Left
out of Brentsville District HS parking lot, go approximately 1/2
mile to entrance on right. Differing color recycling containers
mark the entrance.) This excursion will travel around Prince
William and Fauquier Counties in such a way so as to arrive at the
Casanova store sometime between 12 and 12:30.
Maryann Ghadban (703) 754-2844.

B/CC * 55/44 * VA * 9 AM * Warrenton (WAR)
Through the Valley to the Picnic. We will take the Rappahannock
Valley route to the Casanova Picnic through some of Virginia's most
scenic countryside. The 55 mile route will travel over some new
roads on the way to the picnic.
Steve Palincsar (703) 548-1585.

CC * 43 * VA * 9:30 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
Nevilles Mill in Reverse (Again). Well, here we go again. A
repeat of the very popular Casanova picnic ride. This time I
promise to have enough cue sheets. Come and enjoy this event.
Tim Durham (703) 257-0366.

D+ * 25 * VA * 10 AM * HM Pearson ES (HMP) * 45%
Rural Cassanova Pleasures. A true "D" paced ride over flat to
rolling terrain for a little longer distance. Rest breaks every
ten miles. Lunch after ride. Bring your helmet, lock and money.
Peter Martin (703) 204-4658.

Other rides

A * ?? * MD * 9 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
Another MD A Impromptu. No one's in town to lead this ride, so
bring a good cue sheet to share.
Ride Leader (301) WHY-LEAD.

B * 42 * MD * 9 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
Poolesville Explorer. Take advantage of September by enjoying this
scenic Poolesville ride.
Larry Zaragoza (703) 524-0171.

C * 32 * MD * 9 AM * Viers Mill Rec Center (VIM) * 50%
Watergate Revisited. Easy ride to Foggy Bottom with lunch at the
Watergate (no burglary contemplated). Bring required helmet, lunch
money & really strong lock!
Al Jones (301) 770-0326.

September 5 Monday

AA * 65 * VA * 8:30 AM * The Plains (PLA)
Another Plains Ride. Another spin in the ride leaders back yard,
with views of your favorite livestock. Ride leader will explain
the joys of cattle breeding to all those interested, but most of us
prefer our own species.
Bill Harper (703) 253-5879.

A * 65 * MD * 8:45 AM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Yes, Laytonsville Again. Same ride leader as Saturday, but not the
same route. This route is much easier and only has a few hills.
If wind is out of the west, expect a quick pace, otherwise it will
be led at an honest A pace. If you haven't led a ride or don't
plan to in the near future, don't expect a cue sheet.
Alan Adams (301) 570-3587.

A(H) * 65 * VA * 8:30 AM * Warren County HS Front Royal (WCH)
Skyline Drive. In the reference manual, the start location
directions mention a High's at the turn onto Jackson ST. This
store may no longer exist. Look for the street name. We'll do the
first section of Skyline Drive. Bring a couple of bucks for
entrance into the park. Cue sheets will be provided for those who
get lost on one turn rides.
Ralph Keith (703) 729-0578.

A/B/CC * 38/42/27 * MD * 8:30 AM * Cabin John Regional Park
Cabin John Fever. (Directions: Take the Beltway I-495 to Old
Georgetown Rd north (Route 187 north). In approx 0.75 mi turn left
on Tuckerman Lane. Park entrance is about 1.2 mi on the left.
Meet at the entrance on Tuckerman Lane ONLY). Pedal through
Potomac to Seneca and poolesville on your choice of three different
challenging rides.
Julie Madaras (301) 299-8296.

B * 60 * MD * 9 AM * Duvall HS (DUV)
Traditional Labor Day Metric. Flat and fast ride, "A" and "CC"
riders welcome. Cue sheet was borrowed from Chuck and Sheila!
Michael Cobb (202) 882-3921.

CC * 36 * MD * 9 AM * Montgomery Village SC (MVI)
Gaithersburg Getaway. We will pedal through new subdivisons and
old farm country. Will be back in time for cookouts if the ride
leader is invited -- otherwise we may get lost!
Vyron Johnson (202) 832-4567.

CC * 36 * VA * 9 AM * Vienna Community Center (VCC) * 50%
Vienna to the River. A nice holiday ride that will combine back
road riding with the W&OD trail. Ride will head toward Sterling
with a visit to Algonkian Regional Park. A nice Labor Day ride
that will not cause you to "labor" too much.
Larry Zaragoza (703) 524-0171.

C * 30 * MD * 9 AM * Viers Mill Recreation Center (VIM) * 50%
Architectural Tour of the National Cathedral. Only the cultured or
aspirants need apply. This is a once a year happening! Don't miss
it. Bring locks, money, water & helmets. Bring or buy lunch for a
picnic. Meet up with a "D" ride at Candy Cane City. Call jack if
weather doubtful.
Jack Marney (301) 942-0875.

D * 15 * MD * 10 AM * Candy Cane City (CAN) * 50%
Architectural Tour of the Washington Cathedral. Either bring lunch
or buy on the way - for picnic in the park after the tour. Check
with ride-leader if weather is iffy... Helmets Required.
Jack Marney (301) 942-0875.

D * 18 * VA * 10:30 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP) * 45%
Farmlands of Nokesville. (Directions: follow direction to (BRE)
and proceed 3/4 miles past HS to park on right.) Enjoy an easy
ride at a true "D" pace on very low traffic roads through scenic
farmlands. Pizza lunch afterwards. Don't forget helmet, lock and
Marmie Shuster-Walker (703) 931-2979 or Van Anthony (703) 931-4808.

September 9 Friday

C * 50 * DC/MD * 9:30 AM * C&O Canal Georgetown Visitor's Center
Tour de Towpath. No hills or cars. Four day trip to Cumberland,
MD, overnighting at campsites or inns, depending on individual
preference. The first day takes us through Great Falls, White's
Ferry, and Monocacy Aqueduct. See article elsewhere in the Pedal
Patter for details.
Mike High (703) 317-1827.

September 10 Saturday

Barnsville Bash

AX/AA * 60ish * MD * 8 AM * Monocacy ES (MON) * 50%
Bash Revisited. Return to those days of yesteryear when men were
men and women were women and we did Bash Rides monthly during the
summer. Bring money for food.
Josh Simonds and Doreen Chaitt (301) 588-2246.

A * 65-73 * MD * 8:23 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
The (Joint) Search for the Holy Grail II and BASH. Bill and Tim
returned chilled and empty handed from their March version of this
ride -- no Grail. We will thus follow a somewhat new & shadier
course, with more evil rabbits & trolls, and even more terrible
things unmentionable, and Tim's singing the lumberjack song (the
mere thought of which is enough to make anybody go "Ni" in the
knight). We will joust with the clipless horsemen from the
Frederick Pedalers. Two reSTops, two ride leaders, two PPTC
groups, two bike clubs, AND an option to join the Barnesville BASH:
too bad if you miss this!
Dan Lehman (703) 845-6633 or Tim Guilford (301) 926-0082.

B * 59-67 * MD * 8:17 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
The (Joint) Search for the Holy Grail II and BASH. As the "A"
riDEscription says, Bill & Tim failed to find the Holy Grail on
their March "A/AA" ride, quite possibly because "A/AA" riders go
too Awfully fAAAst to notice Anything AwAy from their AssociAtes'
AccelerAting AfterpArts!? We, however, will "B" Better Bikers and
l-OO-k Beyond our Buddies' Backsides to the Bountifully Beautiful
Bucolic environs, and I Bet we Bag the Booty Before they do! Of
course, we'll share many of the same evil raBBits & trolls, ...,
But might miss Tim's singing the lumberjack song. We ride
essentially the same route, and similarly have a "B" Barnesville
BASH option. Ride leaders will lead & sweep at real "B" pace(s).
Ken Parker (301) 253-4526 or Wanda Upole (703) 845-6633.

CC * 41 * MD * 9 AM * Monocacy ES (MON)
Monocacy Meander. A scenic ride around the Poolesville area. We
will then join the other riders for the Barnsville Bash.
Joe Eisch (301) 681-9267.

CC * 48/58 * VA * 9:30 AM * Leesburg Pike (LEE)
Return of the Barnsville Bash. The annual return of the famous and
ever popular Barnsville Bash. Don't miss this opportunity to
experience the cycling and social enent of the year. A great ride
to and from the Bash. Bring money and prepare to have a great
Peggy Mechanic (703) 780-3758.

C * 25 * MD * 8:15 AM * Monocacy ES (MON)
Bash Helper Ride. Take an early morning spin before helping to
prepare the food and set up for the Bash. To make up for the fact
that the ride is short, there will be an optional climb up
Sugarloaf. Ride limited to first ten persons to call ride leader
by Thursday, September 8. If cancelled because of rain, ride will
go on rain date.
Barbara Good (301) 871-6232.

C * 30 * MD * 10 AM * Edward's Ferry (EDF) * 60%
Barnsville and Bust. Pedal to the pig out. Tour of magnificent
western Montgomery County including Elmer, Dickerson, and Sellman.
No water at the start. Bring money for lunch, water and a helmet.
Stuart Barkley (301) 588-0570.

Other rides

AA(HH) * 100 * VA * 8:30 AM * Loudoun Valley HS
Ike and Mike's Great Adventure. (Directions: Follow directions to
Loudoun Valley SC (LOV), at the SC turn right on Maple Ave (Rt 722)
and go half mile to school on right, adjoins W&OD trail. Note:
this is in Purcellville, not Leesburg. Allow an extra fifteen
minutes.) A brutally hilly ride which will whip you into shape for
the Bridge to Bridge Century next weekend, or turn you into a soggy
Doug Foster and Mike Peese (703) 777-9368.

A * 50 * VA * 10 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
Pray for Sun Number 4. The standard Nokesville-Casanova circuit.
Three attempts. Three washouts. Maybe this time...
Don Durkee (703) 430-2245.

B(H) * 50/65 * VA * 9:30 AM * Front Royal
Northern Skyline Drive. (Directions: From I-495 (beltway) take
I-66 west for 52 mi to exit 13 (Linden, Rt 79), then go west on Rt
55 for 6 mi to shopping center on left just past Rt 522. Meet at
parking lot behind K_Mart.) Enjoy one of the most beautiful and
invigorating rides in the area. Cycle to Elkwallow (50 miles R/T)
or to Panorama (65 miles R/T) on Skyline Drive and return via same
route. You can't get lost on Skyline Drive. Be prepared for long,
perspiring climbs and thrilling, chilling, downhill runs. Bring
low gears or Campy legs (the hills are not really that steep, just
looong). Elevation maps privded. Food available at Elkwallow (25
mile point). Entrance fee charged ($3 for bicyclists).
Gary Nooger (703) 521-5333.

C * 33 (H) * VA * 9:30 AM * Loudoun Valley HS * 45%
Over Hill, Over Dale. (Directions: Follow the directions to just
past the Loudoun Valley SC (LOV). Turn right on Maple and go about
1/2 mi to the HS.) You may wish you had a caisson to keep you
rolling along by the time you get to Hillsboro! This should be a
lovely ride. We'll ride south of Purcellville to the Snickersville
Turnpike then head towards Hillsboro by way of Airmont and Round
Hill. Don't be deceived by the mileage...this ride is hilly! Ride
leader slows considerably on the hills so will probably lead from
the rear. Helmets required.
Anne Brown (703) 847-3063.

C * 45 * MD * 9:30 AM * Point of Rocks
Tour de Towpath. It's not too late to join the ride! Day two of a
four day trip to Cumberland, MD, overnighting at campsites or inns,
depending on individual preference. We'll pass Harper's Ferry and
Antietam, probably stop in Shepardston for lunch, and we might even
see some llamas on the trail. See article elsewhere in the Pedal
Patter for details.
Mike High (703) 317-1827.

D * 10-20 * VA * 10 AM * Flint Hill Prep (FLI) * 50=F8/50%
Gambler's Choice. Ride up or down the bike trial as far as riders
desire. Will stop for a bite to eat. Don't forget your helmet,
lock and cash.
Alma Kasulaitis (703) 532-5399.

September 11 Sunday

ALL * 10 * MD * 7-9 AM * Research Road at Greenbelt City Limits
Time Trial. (Directions: From the Beltway, take Kenilworth Ave
north 1.8 miles, right on Beaver Dam 1.3 miles, cross Research Rd
and park in parking lot at next left turn. Bike to starting line
via a left on Research Rd. CAUTION -- WATCH FOR TIME TRIALISTS ON
RESEARCH RD.) The course turns on Greenbelt Rd, right on Soil
Conservation Rd, finish on soil Conservation Rd below Powder Mill.
Easy rolling terrain on low traffic country roads. Cost $3 for
USCF licensed riders, $6 for unlicensed to cover insurance
Joe Baremore (301) 589-6290.

AA * 60 * VA * 9 AM * Quantico Commuter Lot (QCL)
Quantico Flat. Thank your favorite deity, a flat ride finally.
For all you "AA" riders who have been slugging on the A rides and
beating up on them, MAYBE you can handle this.
Seth Riegle (703) 683-0021.

A * 65 * VA * 9 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
Yet Another Cow Pasture Country Ride. A flat ride over familiar
roads. Ride pace will be in the 16-18 mph range.
Dave Mann (703) 931-1541.

A * 70 * MD * 9 AM * South Germantown Regional Park (SGR)
Break the Jinx Ride. Ride leader has always had some form of
problem leading this ride. Hopefully today, that won't happen.
Ride will go over Mar-Lu Ridge and will include a few other fun
Tom Wood (301) 774-4813.

B * 42/55 * MD * 9 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
Van Devanter's Sugarloaf Country. This ride was designed by Fawzi
Emad and Willis Van Devanter. It goes over some very beautiful
country roads with little traffic and mostly rolling hills.
John Hancock -- for real! (301) 762-4552.

B/C/CC/D * 25 * MD * 3:30 PM * Viers Mill Recreation Center (VIM)
Sunday Social Ride. Join us for a casual, go-at-your-own-pace ride
through Rock Creek Park followed by a potluck picnic. Part of the
ride traverses the section of Beach Drive which is closed to
traffic. The terrain is flat, but optional hills are available for
die-hards. This is a great ride for new members and seasoned
veterans alike. Please bring a dish to share. Plates, utensils
and charcoal will be provided.
Steve Seeber (301) 320-2870.

CC * 38 * MD * 10 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
Maiden Flight. I don't know where we're going yet, but it'll be a
great day out on quiet roads. Come and support us on our inaugural
Shirley Becker (301) 972-7694 or Jodie Newman (202) 331-3319.

CC * 39 * VA * 9:00 AM * Cedar Lee JHS (CLE) * 45%
Culpepper Cruise. A beautiful and flat ride over lightly travelled
rural roads with picturesque river crossings and views of the Blue
Bill McConnell (703) 351-6635.

CC(H) * 40/34 * MD * 9 AM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Treck to Lisbon. A tour of Upper Montgomery and Howard Counties
with a Deli stop in Lisbon. Shortcuts available to reduce mileage
at rider's discretion.
Walt Rauser (301) 460-5107.

CC * 60 * VA * 9 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
Warm Up to The Century. A ride through the gently rolling terrain
of Prince William and Faquier Counties. Ride through Elk Run,
Bristerburg, Remington and other large metropolitan areas. A great
ride to "warm up" for the club century next weekend.
Ted Heydinger (703) 642-0856.

C * 27 * MD * 9 AM * School Near Your House (SNYH) * 60%
New Ride. This is a new ride that any of you reading this are
qualified to lead. To find out how, just call the MD "C" ride
coordinator listed below. He'll be happy to help you get started.
The Club has hundreds of Cue sheet for you to choose from. You
don't have to make one up. Call today!
Ed DeSaussure - before 10 PM - (301) 907-3852.

C * 35 * VA * 10:30 AM * Shirlington Best (SHR) * 50%
Out and Back on The W&OD A long slow ride on the W&OD Trail to the
Reston Town Center for lunch. A good ride for strong "D" riders to
move up. Bring a picnic lunch or buy there. Bring your helmet,
locks and money.
Paul Najarian (703) 642-8580.

C * 45 * MD * 9:30 AM * Near Williamsport
Tour de Towpath. Day three of a four day trip to Cumberland, MD,
overnighting at campsites or inns, depending on individual
preference. Today we'll be far from civilization, on the northern
section of the canal. If Bill's Orleans Grocery is open, we'll
have a malted at day's end. See article elsewhere in the Pedal
Patter for details.
Mike High (703) 317-1827.

D * 12 * VA * 1:30 PM * Roosevelt Island (ROO) * 45%
Old Towne Trek. A scenic ride along the Potomac River to Old Towne
at a slow "D" pace. Bring a snack or stop along the way to
purchase one. Don't forget your helmet, lock and money.
Pat Coss (703) 521-6159.

September 12 Monday

C * 45 * MD * 9:30 AM * Near Little Orleans
Tour de Towpath. Day four of a four day trip to Cumberland, MD,
overnighting at campsites or inns, depending on individual
preference. Today we'll traverse the Paw Paw Tunnel, and make our
triumphant entry into Cumberland. See article elsewhere in the
Pedal Patter for details.
Mike High (703) 317-1827.

September 15 Thursday

CC/C * 17 * VA * 10 AM * Shirlington Best (SHR) * 45%
Let's Loop Arlington. Have the day off? Or just don't have to
work? Join me for a ride around Arlington on the bike trails that
loop the county. Ride leader is a "C" rider who will ride a "CC"
pace if there are no "C" riders. I don't know who can ride on the
weekdays but thought it would be fun to find out! Lunch afterwards
in Shirlington for those who wish. Helmets required.
Anne Brown (703) 847-3063.

September 17 Saturday

Front Royal-Waynesboro-Front Royal. We will bike approximately 105
miles to Waynesboro on Saturday along Skyline Drive then return
Sunday for more of the same. Ride goes rain or shine. Contact
ride leader one week in advance so he can make cheap motel
reservations in Waynesboro.
Al Berger (703) 243-2053.

A * 42 * MD * 9:30 AM * Laytons Village SC (LAV)
Karen's Annual Pre-Century Warmup. Come on out for what is
becoming a tradition for the MD A riders. A few hills to keep the
legs loose, but otherwise a fairly easy route.
Karen Berlage (301) 258-9425.

A * 45 * VA * 9:30 AM * Nokesville Community Park (NCP)
National Century Warm-up. A slow, flat, easy ride to Aden,
Somerville, Bristerburg and Greenville.
Wanda Upole (301) 585-2125.

B * 35/50 * MD * 9 AM * Riley's Lock (RIL)
Pre-century Warm Up. A short ride to Dickerson for those planning
to do the Club Century tomorrow. A longer option around Sugarloaf
will also be available for those who won't be doing the century.
Anne Looker (301) 593-8842.

B/CC/C(H) * 30-35 * MD * ?? AM * Middletown
Battle of South Mountain (Crampton's Gap). We will follow Union
General McClellan's route to confront General Lee's first
Confederate Regiment of Cavalry, Maryland Volunteers, will host a
living history encampment at the battle site, which includes an
important museum. Activities include company drills, weapons
familiarization, cooking of period food and playing of period
music. This goes rain or shine, with appropriate adjustments for
weather. As with other history rides created by this ride leader,
it's not how fast or far you can go, but what you can see and enjoy
pleasantly, at your pace. Expect some hills, but this late in the
season, aren't we all in tip-top shape? Call ride leader to
reserve and for directions to start.
Willis Van Devanter (301) 972-7298 or (202) 955-5758.

CC * 38 * MD * 10 AM * Riley's Lock (RIL)
Century Tune-up. Scenic ride over quiet roads around Poolesville
with a few rolling hills to warm you up for tomorrow's century.
Neil Grotenstein (301) 871-6232.

CC/C * 40/30 * MD * 9:30 AM * Southern HS (HAR)
Seaside Social. Flex and feed your muscles in preparation for the
PPTC century tomorrow. This is a scenic ride over quiet roads with
lunch stop at Happy Harbour. Choice of riding 40 miles with Louise
or 30 miles with Bob. The ride start is closer to the Beltway than
you think so don't be put off by the drive.
Louise Campbell-Blair (301) 530-3372 or Bob Coorsen (301) 916-4045.

C * 30 * MD * 10 AM * National Institutes of Health (NIH) * 60%
Bethesda Brunch Bunch. Easy road ride through Rock Creek Park and
back roads to the Olney Ale House for lunch. Water and potty stops
at parks along the way. Bring money, water and lock. Helmets must
be worn while riding! Meet at the parking lot closest to the
corner of 355 (AKA Wisconsin Ave/Rockville Pike) and Cedar Lane.
Ed DeSaussure - before 10 PM - (301) 907-3852.

C/CC * 29/43/49 * VA * 9:15 AM * Middleburg ES (MID)
5th Annual Bluemont Fair Ride. Join us for our Fifth Annual Ride
to Bluemont's 25th annual Country Fair. An event you don't want to
miss -- complete with great food, arts and crafts, face painting, a
horse shoe tournment and lots more! With three rides to choose
from, there's no exuse for not joining us. And as always, for
those so compelled, a visit to Rt 601 is just around to corner!
Bring money and locks!
Lori Shapiro and Jack Ramsey (703) 237-0483.

D+ * 23 * VA * 10:30 AM * Leesburg Pike (LEE) * 45%
Leesburg to Purcellville + BBQ Picnic. A cool ride along the most
scenic and shaded section of the W&OD. Afterwards, join the ride
leader at his house nearby for a barbeque. Grill and charcoal
provided. BYO food and drink or purchase at nearby supermarket.
Don't forget your helmet, lock and water.
Jim Delaney (703) 771-0961.

September 18 Sunday


A * 100 * MD * ?:?? AM * Site of Century
PPTC Century. Join the nicest folks (MD "A" riders) for the club
century. If you want to show up those pesky riders from another
state, join our little group. For more details, show up at
yesterday's A-MD ride.
Joe Century (301) 100-MILE.

D+++ * 100 * MD * 7 AM * Site of Century
Club Century: 2nd Annual Club Century at a "D" Pace!! Have you
always wanted to do a century but didn't think you could??? Last
year I had two First-Time Centurions. We'll do the Century at a
"D" Pace - about 10-11 mph. Please give us a call if you are
interested. We have to start early at this pace. HELMETS
Bob Piper (202) 244-8238 or Paul Najarian (703) 642-8580.

Other rides

AA(HHH) * 101 * NC * 7:30 AM * Hickory, NC
VA AA Riders Annual Century. Join the VA AA riders as they tackle
the Bridge to Bridge Century in Caldwell County, NC. At about mile
47, you start climbing and continue climbing except for 3 descents
totalling 18 miles. The last two miles rise 935' up a 20%
switch-backed climb to the top of Grandfather Mountain. Ask any VA
AA rider for details. Or do the Club century.
Bob Doyle (703) 406-0540.

B/C/CC/D * 25 * MD * 3:30 PM * Viers Mill Recreation Center (VIM)
Sunday Social Ride. Not just any ride--we give you a chance to
replenish the calories you burn up on the road! See ride
description for September 11.
Walt Stroud (301) 871-2686.

CC * 35 * MD * 9:30 AM * Allen Pond Park (ALP)
Galesville Gander. Flat ride over quiet roads to the water for
lunch at reataurant or buy food for picnic.
Lee Feldstein (301) 270-9473.

CC * 50 * MD * 9:30 AM * Poolesville HS (POO)
Back of Sugarloaf. A scenic ride through Montgomery and Frederick
Counties. Cruise through Dickerson Regional Park, Point of Rocks,
Lilypons Water Gardens, Urbana Lake Fish Management Area and
Sugarloaf Mountain Park.
Vyron Johnson (202) 832-4567.

C * 42 * VA * 10 AM * W&OD Trail at Rt 28 (R28) * 92=F8/50%
Passage to Purcellville. If you've always wanted to see the
western terminus of the W&OD Trail but couldn't find anyone to go
with, here's your chance. We'll travel at a true "C" ("CC" riders
welcome) pace along the Trail through bucolic countryside to
Purcellville with a very scenic detour (Blue Ridge vista) at
Paeonian Springs. This is a little bit long for a "C" ride but
there are sufficient rest stops for the horizontally challenged (as
well as plenty of opportunities to turn around early). Three
stores en route. Snack/lunch in Purcellville (rumor has it that an
excellent milk shake is available there). Bring water and helmets.
Bill Ryerson (703) 620-4846.

D * 12 * VA * 11 PM * Sailing Marina (SAL) * 60%
Fishy Festival. A very social ride at a comfortable speed (less
than 10 mph) around Old Towne via the Four Mile Run Trail,
Commonwealth Ave, Duke St and the Mt Vernon Trail. Lunch in Old
Towne. Bring your family, helmets, locks and money for lunch.
John Rini (703) 684-1639.

September 24 Saturday

AX/AA * 103 * MD * 8 AM * Davidsonville Park & Ride (DPR) * 50%
Dress Rehersal. For possible guaranteed fast century in October.
One rest stop at High's Store in Solomons Island.
Mike Reinders (301) 725-4936.

AA(H) * 80 * VA * 8:30 AM * Loudoun CO HS (LOU)
Shortened Harp Hill Century. Though it's shorter, this ride still
has a few hills. Any stray riders who tag along ride at their own
risk if they can't keep up the pace. Beware of ground hogs, too.
Tom Johnson (703) 815-2278.

A(H) * 64 * VA * 9 AM * Tyler ES (TYL)
Warrenton Metric. A Moderately hilly ride to Warrenton, Hume and
Marshall with stops at your favorite country stores. Lunch after
the ride for all hungry riders.
Dean Self (703) 815-1066.

A/B/C/CC/A * ?? * MD * 8:30 AM * Monocacy MS (MMS)
Final Frederick Frolic Checkout. Come out and help make one last
check of the rides which may be scheduled.
Tim Guilford (301) 926-0082.

B(H) * 52 * MD * 9:30 AM * Riley's Lock (RIL)
Hills to Clarksburg. This is a pretty ride with plenty of hills.
We will go up to Clarksburg and back around Sugarloaf Mountain and
Carolyn Bond (301) 718-4688.

CC * 35 * VA * 9:30 AM * The Plains (PLA)
Horse Heaven. (Directions: Ride start change -- park along Rt 804
near railroad tracks away from Rt 626.) A pleasant ride through
the rolling hills of Middleburg and Rectortown area. Lunch
afterwards at the Rail Post Restaurant for any interested.
Teresa Neumann (703) 379-8490.

CC(H) * 47 * MD * 10 AM * Monocacy MS (MMS)
BBTB Goes to Camp David. Get a jump on FFFF with scenic ride
through Catoctin Park. One long gentle climb to the park, one
fabulous short steep climb up Park Central pat Camp David and
fabulous downhill back to Thurmont. Lunch in Thurmont.
Walt Rauser (301) 460-5107.

CC * VA * 46/52 * 10 AM * Spotsylvania County Office Building
Through the Big Woods to Lake Anna. (Directions: Take I-95 south
app 45 mi from Beltway to exit 126 (Massaponax). Take Rt 1 north
1.3 mi to left of Rt 208. Follow Rt 208 for 6.5 mi to office
building on right. No restrooms.) Chuck & Gail's Number 46. A
nice shady ride that's not done very often. Our midpoint rest stop
is at beautiful Lake Anna State Park (if it's hot we can take a
dip) and on the way back we pass Spotsylvania Courthouse
Battlefield. Maybe lunch after if anyone knows a good place.
Kathy Stoner (703) 866-9116.

C * 20 * VA * 10 AM * Sailing Marina (SAL) * 50%
Alexandria Circuit. Circumnavigate the city of Alexandria and
visit some of the historical sites of the city -- including Fort
Ward (Tour is $1.00). Lunch in Old Town. Bring locks and money.
Helmets required.
Chan Mohney (703) 370-4358.

C/CC(H) * 24/35 * MD * 9:30 AM * Poolesville HS (POO) * 60%
All Sides of Sugarloaf. Take the scenic route to explore the roads
around the mountain. The long ride goes into Frederick County and
provides good vistas of Sugarloaf and the Catoctin Mountains and
has several of the best downhills in the area. The shorter
alternate goes by the base of Sugarloaf, where there is an optional
ride up the mountain for superb views of the area. See Ride 15 in
Cycleways III. The group will decide which ride to take based on
the weathervane. Bring lunch or money, water and helmets.
Mike Divine (301) 258-7820.

D * 12 * VA * 10:45 AM * Roosevelt Island (ROO) * 45%
Paul's Potomac Pedalling. Join me on this scenic ride along the
Potomac River to Old Towne for lunch. Don't forget your helmet,
lock and money.
Paul Luckern (202) 863-1552.

D * 18 * DC * 11 AM * Candy Cane City (CAN) * 50%
Georgetown For Lunch. Easy ride on Closed Roads and Bike-Trails to
Georgetown. Helmets Required.
Bob Piper (202) 244-8238.

September 25 Sunday

AA * 65 * VA * 9 AM * Warrenton (WAR)
Blue Ridge Views. A not too hilly scenic ride with nice views of
the Blue Ridge.
Ken Waigand (703) 683-2244.

A(H) * 48/56 * VA * 9:30 AM * Marshall Auditorium (MAR)
Zap the Gap. Join me for an easy ride over Chester Gap, through
Front Royal and back to Marshall. Ride distance may with vary with
possible alternate short/long cut.
Mike McCarley (703) 242-8285.

A * 63 * MD * 10 AM * Rileys Lock (RIL)
A Birthday Ride. Help the ride leader celebrate his 37th Birthday
with this metric century which roams around Montgomery County. A
good recovery ride from last weeks century. No go if roads are
Gerry Chan (301) 216-2483.

B * 50 * VA * 9:30 AM * Nokesville (NCP)
Nokesville Wander. (Directions: Nokesville Community Park is 1/2
mile from Brentsville Dist HS (BRE) (left from school on Aden
Road). Ride will go to Elkrun and Casanova over mostly flat roads.
Mike Cassidy (703) 742-9678.

B * 52 * MD * 9:30 AM * Riley's Lock Road (RIL)
Once Around the Loaf. Moderately hilly ride around sugarloaf
mountain with a stop at Flint Hill store.
Dan Stanton (301) 897-5054.

B/C/CC/D * 25 * M * 3:30 PM * Viers Mill Recreation Center (VIM)
Sunday Social Ride Reunion. If you've been on one of these rides
this year, come help us end the season with a bang! A gala potluck
picnic will follow the ride. As always, new riders are welcome.
See ride description for September 11.
Harris Bernstein (301) 946-7535 or Susan Player (301) 977-1918.

CC * 40 * MD * 9:30 AM * Allen Pond Park (ALP)
On the Water in Galesville. Join us for one of our favorite rides
along rolling terrain to a picturesque spot on the Chesapeake. We
will relax and enjoy lunch at Steamboat Landing Restaurant while
sharing summer vacation stories. Call ride leaders for lunch
Lori Shapiro and Jack Ramsey (703) 237-0483.

CC * 40 * VA * 10 AM * Thomas Jefferson JHS (TJJ) * 50%
Greek Food Festival Ride. A moderately hilly ride through
Arlington, McLean, Falls Church and Annandale. About four mi from
the end we will stop at St Katherine Greek Church for a scrumptous
lunch. Bring helmets, locks and money. Appetite provided by the
Mark Pankin (703) 524-0937.

CC(H) * 62 * MD * 10 AM * White's Ferry (WIF)
Ben's Up the River Ride. We'll crisscross the Potomac River five
times visiting Waterford, Brunswick, Harper's Ferry and Purceville
and returning over White's Ferry. There will be some hills but we
will have three rest/food stops.
Ben Oldham (301) 946-4346.

C * 25 * MD * 10 AM * Poolesville HS (POO) * 60%
Scenic Poolesville Ride. Tour horse country. One of a series of
monthly rides from here. A couple of short hills. Optional
excursion to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain adds 3.5 miles. Bring
or buy snack at the Dickerson store to eat at the foot of
Sugarloaf. Bring a helmet and water.
Scott Wood (301) 869-0622.

D+ * 20 * VA * 1:30 PM * Washington-Lee HS * 50=F8/50%
Ron's Sunday Afternoon D Ride. (Directions: from DC take I-66 west
to Glebe Rd exit. Left on Glebe, left on Washington Blvd, left on
Stafford past HS to parking before 15th St. From Beltway take I-66
east to Glebe Rd exit. Straight on Fairfax, left on Stafford past
HS to parking before 15th St.) The basic route is a loop through
DC, National Airport, Shirlington and East Falls Church via the
Custis, Mt Vernon, Anderson, Four Mile Run and W&OD trails. Side
trips, snack stops and commentary by the ride leader on local
attractions will vary from month to month. NEW members, NEW
residents and NEW bike commuters ESPECIALLY INVITED.
Ron Hicks (703) 516-0323.

October 1 Saturday

AA(HH) * 56 * VA * 9 AM * Marshall Auditorium (MAR)
The Blue Ridger. Another rendition of this popular ride. Can the
climbers stay away as the ride levels out the near the end and the
flatlanders turn on the afterburners?
Frank Sheen (703) 321-4909.


PPTC membership dues are:
One Yr Two Yrs
------ -------
Individual (16 or older) $22 $40
Family $28 $52

New members recieve a Club Patch plus two decals.

Extra Club Patch w/2 decals - add $2
1st Class Postage - add $7 per year

Make check or money order payable to: Potomac Pedalers Touring Club, Inc
and mail to: PPTC, 6729 Curran Street, McLean, VA 22101. Please allow 3-4
weeks for processing.
__ __ __
/_/ New Member /_/ Renewing Member /_/ First Class Postage
/_/ Extra Patch and Decal

PPTC Membership Total Due: $___________

Voluntary contribution to Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA),
a bicycling advocacy group:
(tax deductible)




City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________________

Phone: (H)_____________________________ (W)___________________________

Number of Cycling Members (if Family Membership):__________

PPTC is an all-volunteer organization. We cannot function without the
assistance of many members. Please circle the categories where you and/or
your family members can help with various PPTC activities. This
information will be added to the PPTC database:

1. Leading rides 7. Artwork, graphics
2. Ride layout, mapping 8. Legistlative action
3. Seminars and workshops 9. Welcoming committee
4. Pedal Patter 10. Non-cycling jobs at Club
5. Reference Manual events (registration, sag wagon, etc)
6. Mailings 11. Other areas not mentioned:_________________=
12. Any area where I can help

What class ride do you generally go on:
b. If family membership, another family member?

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