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Feb 23, 2020, 7:37:31 PM2/23/20
to DC Parade
First published 1/24/2020, updated: 1/27/2020, 2/8/2020, 2/17/2020, 2/23/2020)

The groups listed here have registered for the parade and posted they were looking for members. There is no guarantee that space remains available.

We’ll update this list as additional groups let us know that are welcoming members.

Buckaroo Banzai
Contact Chuck Tomasi through Facebook
GI Joe Cobra
For the Middle Tennessee group, contact them here:
Good Omens
Jordan Peel’s “Us”/Hands Across Dragon Con
Marvel/Captain America/Agent Carter/USO Girls
Marvel/Wakanda University
Message Monique Anderson on Facebook or email her at
Here we come! Donning our jumpsuits and wielding our bots! Want to be a part of the Marching MSTies? Check out our group! We’d love to have you!
Parks & Rec/Pawnee Goddesses of Dragon Con
Resident Evil
UUSD is looking for ZOMBIES! If you would like to join our Resident Evil /Umbrella parade group, please message Dee Coble or ask to join our group. If STARS/ Umbrella Corp or any resident Evil cosplay is your thing, please join us for the parade.
She-Ra group will be returning! Interested? Contact them here:
Star Trek
Interested in marcging with the Klingon Assault Group and Star Trek Friends? Contact them through the DC Trek Track:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes & Villains
The Expanse
Belters, MCRN, Earthers, and all those who love The Expanse and would like to march with us, please join our cosplay group and comment on this post or the one on that page. Thank you!
The Handmaids Tale
The Royal Manticorian Navy
Contact info TBA

Welcoming new members. Contact them through the Team Bioshock Facebook page or emailing
Borderlands @ Dragon Con has opened up its sign-ups for this year's parade group! Full details and link to sign up form can be found here
Dragon Age
The Fallout Tacticians @ DragonCon (unofficial) want YOU for the DragonCon parade!

American Legion
If you're a military historian, enthusiast, or reenact-er with an impression you want to wear in honor of our men and women in uniform, follow this link!
Cult of the Marriott Carpet
There are multiple Marriott Carpet related groups..
1) The CULT OF MARRIOTT CARPET is the original parade group that was founded in 2015 and marched for the first time in the parade in 2016. The motto on our parade banner is "You Can't Pull the Rug Out from Under Us!" It can be found here:
2) The MARRIOTT CARPET CHEER SQUAD can be found here They were founded in 2018 and marched with the Cult of Marriott Carpet parade group for the first time in 2019.
3) The MARRIOTT CARPET MARCHING BAND & COLOR GUARD can be found here They were founded in 2019 and their first year marching in the parade will be 2020. THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY FULL but does have a wait list.
4) The CARPETSAURUS REX group can be found here
They were founded recently. Their first year marching in the parade will be 2020. Contact them directly for information and to sign up.
Fortune Hunters (Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, etc.)
Parade of Elements (Periodic Table)
Roaring Twenties
Calling all Dames, Flappers, Mobsters and Dappers. We have a group for celebrating roaring 1920s/2020 crossovers. Join us if you would like to walk in the parade.
Contact info coming
T-Rexes of Dragon Con
US Space Force Recruits
Since we had so much fun last year, we gotta represent again. If you’re interested in marching with the spaciest bunch, join the group and watch for the announcements. Pew! Pew! Pew!

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