The Wait List, the Wristband and the How to Get One (if you missed registering)

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Feb 23, 2020, 12:29:52 AM2/23/20
to DC Parade
We established the Wait List process a few years ago. Before that it was an often unfair free-for-all when it came to finding a wristband. Additionally many spaces/wristbands in the parade went unused because there was no process in place to reallocate or identify who wanted into the parade.

Last year we were able to move the majority of those wait listed into the parade.

Once registration has closed, we launch our Wait List. Information about the Wait List is distributed through the same channels as our other registration announcements. You are also directed to the Wait List form if you attempt to register after it has closed.

HOW TO GET ONE #1: Please sign up on the Wait List as your first stop on the way to getting a wristband.

PLEASE DO NOT POST to OUR FACEBOOK, GOOGLE GROUP or other social media that you are looking for a wristband.

HOW TO GET ONE #2: We review the Wait List almost every day and when we find an entry that matches a registered group that may have space, we refer the wait listed entry via email to the group. If you are referred, please let us know if you joined the group so we can remove you from the Wait List.

HOW TO GET ONE #3: As space gets returned to us (overestimated numbers for groups, folks dropping out, etc.), we reallocate those spaces to those on the Wait List, generally on a first come-first serve basis. We send an email advising your status has changed and asking you to confirm you still want to participate in the parade.

During the first few months after parade registration closes, we recognize there’s usually a period of time for groups to stabilize. Those who registered groups (2 or more people under one name) do their best to estimate how large their group will be.

It’s not unusual for some groups to have some extra spaces/wristbands following the close of registration. Most of them will post something to let everyone know they are welcoming members. We attempt to keep an updated list of those groups in our “Files” section and if you find a listed group that you might fit in with, contact them.

WAY TO GET ONE #4 – being on the Wait List does not prevent you from looking into groups who have listed themselves as welcoming new members. (Actually neither does not being on the Wait List…) Contact them. Not a guarantee but certainly worth the try.

In June, we’ll start asking group leads for actual counts of their members and that any unclaimed space be returned to us. We ask again in mid-July and by that time we really hope group leads will be able to let go of any remaining extras. Based on our experience if your group has not completely filled by mid-July, the chances of finding additional cosplayers matching your group’s theme/fandom are pretty close to zero. Please release those extra spaces/wristbands.

We freeze the parade on August 1st. To the extent possible, please return any unclaimed space/wristbands to us before that date.


IF you registered yourself but are also a member of a registered group. You are taking up two spaces/wristbands and preventing someone else from being in the parade. Your participation in the parade is covered under the group registration. Please free up the duplicate space you reserved by contacting us via email or DM to Jan Price (dc_parade(at)dragoncon(dot)org and Facebook).

IF you find your plans (or those of any confirmed member of a group you may have registered) have changed about participating in the parade. Let us know ASAP so we can reallocate those wristbands. Contact us via email or DM to Jan Price.

IF the total number of wristbands you reserved are no longer needed for any reason (overestimates, member drop outs, etc.). Please release those back to us ASAP. Contact us via email or DM to Jan Price.

The above holds true for vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, float or any vehicle larger than a motorcycle or golf carts) that have been registered. Let us know ASAP so we can release the space.

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