2020 Parade Guidelines

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2020 Parade Guidelines
Guidelines and Reminders for Everyone Involved With the Dragon Con Parade
1.You MUST be a member of Dragon Con to participate in the parade. Every participant 7 years of age and older must have a badge. Convention badges must be worn and visible on parade morning along with parade participant wristbands. Wristbands are distributed to registered participants at our check-in table. With proper ID, we honor the pre-sales confirmations (usually an email) for any 2020 Dragon Con memberships that include Saturday as if it were a badge if you have not had the opportunity to pick up your badge before parade morning.
2. Advertising and/or promotion of any type of commercial entities is strictly prohibited in the parade unless approved by Dragon Con Senior Management prior to the parade. A sponsorship agreement must be in place. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.
Banners and flags are welcomed in the parade as long as they do not contain advertising or promotional information such as commercial company names, logos, web sites, addresses, phone numbers, etc. This includes information regarding other conventions as well.
Fan organizations/groups, clubs, DC programming tracks, etc. are exempted from this and encouraged to carry to their banners.
3. The Dragon Con Parade is a politics-free zone and not the appropriate venue for political actions or activities that impact our everyday lives outside of Dragon Con. Wearers/owners will be removed from the parade if we see any cosplays/clothing, signs, etc. that directly refer to real life politics or campaigns.
4. Non-working or prop weapons (as part of your costume) are OK. Any weapon carried at Dragon Con, including in the parade, must be approved and peace bonded by Dragon Con Security. Please take care of this BEFORE Parade morning to avoid potential confiscation of questionable items. The Atlanta PD and Dragon Con Security escort the parade and may make swift response to any action they deem inappropriate or threatening to the public. Think about how you brandish your weapon.
5. No flash pots, explosive devices, fireworks, loaded devices of any kind, or use of open flames. Absolutely not allowed, period.
6. Photography and videography by participants is always welcome as long as the progress of the parade is not hindered while you take your shots. Participant use of DRONES for filming the parade is prohibited for your and the spectators’ safety.
6. Small throws/tosses (candy, beads, stickers, coins for instance) are permitted as long as do not cause street litter and are placed directly into the hands of the recipients. No random tossing, flinging or otherwise launching into the crowd.
7. Fliers/flyer, coupons and/or leaflets, business cards, etc. distribution is NOT permitted under any circumstances. This prohibition extends to any “street teams” that might be working the parade spectators.
8. We are rated PG/PG-13. Remember the parade is held on city streets - public safety and decency laws will apply. Watching the parade is open to the public, small children and other impressionable beings will be along the route. Additionally street/everyday clothing, unless it's identifiable with a character, isn't appropriate for the parade. We are a costumed event. Please choose your costume wisely.
9. Children 15 years of age and under participating in the parade must be accompanied by an adult. Neither Dragon Con nor its parade volunteers will be responsible for managing unaccompanied children due to potential liabilities. Plan appropriately before parade morning if you will not personally be escorting your child.
10. At this time, live animals are prohibited from the parade with the exception of certified service animals and those belonging to select Dragon Con sponsors.
11. Use common sense and show courtesy for all involved with the parade.
12. Show up on time and be patient during staging/line-up. Be ready to move into place when your parade section is called on deck.
13. Prepare yourself for the weather (bring water, don’t forget sunscreen, etc.).
14. If you have a question about whether or not something will be allowed - ask beforehand!! Contact us at dc_p...@dragoncon.org.
15. Have fun! Have fun! Have Fun!
We reserve the right to remove any person(s), vehicle(s), or prop(s) (including banners, flags or signs, and weapons) from the parade that is considered offensive, potentially dangerous or otherwise inappropriate, or that do not comply with the above stated guidelines for the event, at any time and without prior warning.
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