DC Parade

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Welcome to the new Dragon Con Parade discussion group.  We hope you enjoy your time here connecting with other parade participants and exchanging info about our parade.  
All members are moderated until sufficient messages have been posted by them to determine they did not join for commercial (spam or other advertising) purposes.

The 2020 Dragon Con Parade rolls on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta on Saturday, September 5, 10:00 AM.

Participant registration for the parade begin February 15, 2020.  Information will be posted here as well as in our Facebook group (Dragon Con Parade), our Twitter (@dragonconparade), the Dragon Con website (www.dragoncon.org), and in other official social media.  

You must be a member of Dragon Con by parade day in order to march with us.

We welcome groups, large and small, as well as individuals wearing costumes representing the wide variety of interests found at Dragon Con. We invite you to sing, perform, role play, interact with each other and the onlookers along the parade route. Banners, flags, streamers, floats, decorated vehicles, music and other noisemakers are allowed and encouraged. Show off your alter ego! Be creative! Have fun!

Looking for more information? Have a suggestion for an addition to the parade? Send us an email at dc_parade (at) dragoncon.org.

Dragon Con is the internationally known pop culture convention held each Labor Day in Atlanta. Organized for fans, Dragon Con features more than about 3,000
 hours of comics, film, television, costuming, art, music and gaming over four days.