Availability of Linux Chrome Canary version of webgpu.io

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Dominic Cerisano

Jan 9, 2020, 9:55:03 PM1/9/20
to Dawn Graphics
Is the Linux Chrome Canary version of webgpu.io is being actively developed?
How would one participate in that effort?

Is there a place where there are estimates of the actual availability of webgpu.io on any Chrome production build?
What about benchmarks across the various platforms, would be especially interested in Windows vs Linux numbers.

Thanks, and great work getting the Windows Chrome Canary prototype up and running, looks great.

Kai Ninomiya

Jan 9, 2020, 11:39:57 PM1/9/20
to Dominic Cerisano, Dawn Graphics
Yes, it is being actively developed. Right now, it is possible to use WebGPU in local builds of Chromium if you "just" compile with "use_dawn = true" (note building Chromium is quite involved). WebGPU only works properly on some GPUs/drivers, due to some bugs in our system integration on Linux.

We expect to be able to bring it to Canary (like on Windows/Mac) in the coming months, but it is not the highest priority for us right now since we are very busy with lots of other WebGPU work.

Finally, outside of Chrome, our Dawn implementation on Vulkan on Linux is quite stable (we maintain automated testing for it). If you're interested in contributing, it would be much easier to develop on (much easier to understand than Chrome, and much faster to compile). Bug reports and patches are welcome (though please reach out to coordinate). :)

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