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Corentin Wallez

Apr 8, 2019, 1:16:00 PM4/8/19

Corentin Wallez

7:15 PM (0 minutes ago)
to webgpu-developers
Here's what happened the last four weeks (2019-03-12 to 2019-04-06)

Standardization front:
  • Next WebGPU F2F will be hosted by Google in the Bay area May 15th and 16th
  • Dean put up an initial bikeshed version of the spec in #248
  • The group agreed we should allow vertex-shader only pipelines #240
  • Myles opened a pull request to add defaults values to the API in #241 which is almost ready to land
  • Many other small changes to the IDL
Coding front for Dawn and WebGPU in Chromium:
  • Dawn
    • Jiawei implemented multisampling on all backends
    • Shaobo added support for all WebGPU vertex formats
    • Dawn should now be able to run with no errors under the Metal debug device
    • Brandon implemented texture-to-texture copies
    • Yunchao descriptorized input state which was the last builder
    • Natasha implement and fixed buffer and texture .destroy()
    • dawn_wire now supports injecting textures
  • Chromium
    • Kai, Austin and Corentin implemented all of WebGPU in a prototype branch
    • Kai ported and stub TF.js backend to use WebGPU
    • Austin landed a skeleton of the WebGPU IDL in Chromium
    • Austin produced many WebGPU samples 
    • Corentin added SyncToken support to the WebGPU command decder.
Infra front:
  • Austin and Ken are adding use_dawn=true coverage via the new chromium.dawn waterfall.

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