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Corentin Wallez

Mar 11, 2019, 10:13:18 PM3/11/19
Here's what happened the last three weeks (2019-02-19 to 2019-03-11)

Standardization front:
  • Kai's error handling proposals were merged in #198 and #238!
  • The group agreed to keep the current binding model #188
  • The group agrees on the general approach for descriptors with indices, needs more performance and usability investigation #186, #151
  • "gpupresent" will be what's used for canvas.getContext() #131
  • The gpu object is moved from window to navigator #217
  • Buffer related sizes are now u64 #220
  • Apple has a proposal for a lot of default values in the IDL #241
  • David has opened several programming model issues.
Coding front for Dawn and WebGPU in Chromium:
  • Implementation of WebGPU in Chromium:
    • Austin landed the integration of dawn_wire in Chromium
    • Corentin added support for IOSurface-backed SharedImage
  • Additional Dawn features
    • Brandon implemented the Debug marker APIs in Dawn
    • Natasha added backend support for buffer.destroy()
    • Corentin added support for importing IOSurfaces in Dawn's Metal backend
    • Jiawei added most of the validation required for multisampling
  • Maintenance and refactoring
    • Jiawei removed the RenderPassDescriptorBuilder (only one builder to go!)
    • Shaobo and Hao have fixed all Metal validation errors.
    • Austin and Corentin started splitting the main file to ease integration in Chromium.
    • dawn_end2end_tests now print system information on startup.
Infra front:
  • Nothing
  • Mozilla made a nice blog post outlining the usefulness of WebGPU in native: The rise of wgpu
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