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Corentin Wallez

Feb 18, 2019, 11:30:45 AM2/18/19
Here's what happened the last three weeks (2019-01-29 to 2019-02-18)

Standardization front:
  • Kai proposed several updates to the error handling mechanism in #196 #197 #198
  • Dean Jackson contributed a naming convention for vertex and texture formats close to Metal's #206
  • The group agreed on initial semantics for swapchain present and Rafael Cintron updated the IDL to reflect it (as well as consensus at the F2F) in #207
  • Corentin pushed many small fixes and improvements to the IDL
  • Lots of debates on binding model changes to fit WHLSL's D3D11 model in #188

Coding front for Dawn and WebGPU in Chromium:
  • Austin finished the initial split of dawn_wire in multiple files to make it more maintainable.
  • Austin completed the investigation on how to implement the return channel in Chromium.
  • Corentin implemented adapters on all backends.
  • Yunchao kept Dawn's interface in sync with all tiny changes happening in the IDL.
  • Bryan implemented SetSubData optimizations on all backends.
  • Corentin implemented WebGPU error handling and change CommandBufferBuilder to be CommandBufferEncoder.
  • Jiawei almost finished descriptorizing RenderPassDescriptor.
  • Yunchao almost finished descriptorizing InputState

Infra front:
  • The Mac AMD and NVIDIA bot were testing using the integrated GPU on the system. Corentin looking at it.

  • Mozilla making good progress on their wgpu Rust crate: it is now able to draw a textured cube.
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