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Rasmus Andersson

Apr 10, 2021, 2:31:02 PM4/10/21
to Dawn Graphics

Hello everyone! I'm Rasmus and am exploring using Dawn to implement a sort of window server with Dawn in a client-server model.

TL;DR: Is there an example or demo out there of dawn as a client-server where the client doesn't need to share memory with the server (and doesn't need to know about the specific hardware; kind of like how it works in Chromium) ?

So far I've been able to piece together a simple demo with two programs: server.cc with dawn_native serving connections over a UNIX socket and a client.cc using dawn_wire connecting to the UNIX socket. This is kind of working — I have to mirror WebGPU programs in the server and run a dummy WireClient in the server.

Has anyone seen a proper proof of concept, example or demo of a truly separate server-client using dawn_wire?

(I've spend about two full days, first one familiarizing myself with the dawn codebase, second implementing a demo. The lack of documentation and examples has made this a little challenging, but I'm always up for a challenge :-)

Here's the code: https://gist.github.com/rsms/a891d9904378576e8fb3e11a3fb957fa

Grateful for any help or pointers in the right direction!

Corentin Wallez

Apr 13, 2021, 5:13:27 AM4/13/21
to Rasmus Andersson, Dawn Graphics
FYI for folks interested, we started talking more about this with Rasmus on Dawn's Matrix channel. He set up a repo where we're trying to make this work if you're interested in following along.

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