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David M. Crampton

Nov 9, 2009, 11:28:12 PM11/9/09
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Long time, no see. :) As I'm redoing my writery page, I figured that
I should visit here and plunk some stuff down. There's a character
that I've written that's been tiptoeing around in my head for about a
week now, so I figured that I'd share her story with everyone here.

As far as context goes, these pieces of fiction were written in
support of a live action role playing game that I was playing in.
John was my character, Anne was played by Carolyn (who wrote the last
entry). Swiss was played by Wren. It was a game of Vampire, and we
were all playing characters that were vampires. These pieces of
fiction were meant for added flavor to the game universe between the
sessions of live play. Without the game's background, a lot of the
details may not make sense, but I hope you enjoy anyway.

WARNING - the content of the story ranges upon Not Safe For Work (of
the adult variety). If this sort of thing offends you, or would get
you in trouble wherever you're reading this, please do not click on
the links.. You have been forewarned. :)

We introduce Susan in absentia via photograph:

John confronts Susan about her gift:

John deals with Susan's abduction and turning:

John tries to mimic Susan's coping mechanism:

Susan deals with being a vampire, written by Carolyn Smalley:
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