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David M. Crampton

Aug 1, 2008, 7:13:54 PM8/1/08
to Ink spilled on a page
I spent yesterday before work writing in the last issue of Steven.
It's half done, and I've got the last chapter of the last issue
rattling around in my head. I've also posted more of Steven's Book 2
on the Short Fiction page, so feel free to stop by and eat up that
chapter. :) I had so much fun developing Blaize from Steven's
prodigy to a mentor in her own right... and she really rose to the

Steven's page: http://steven.davidmcrampton.com/
Short fiction page: http://www.davidmcrampton.com/fiction.php

I hope to finish Steven entirely on my lunch/dinner break tonight. I'm
going to give the sequel a shot as my main project afterward, which I
know at least a few of you will be happy about.

Any tips for me on how to write with distraction? Up until now, I've
needed to sequester myself with headphones, and derail pretty easily
when interrupted, either from outside sources or my own need to look
at shiny things. Being a Dad figure for kids is going to necessitate
an ability to write amidst chaos, I'm thinking. :) So, any advice
would be very helpful.


David M. Crampton

Aug 6, 2008, 11:34:03 PM8/6/08
to Ink spilled on a page
I am SO close to finishing Steven. Up until today, I hadn't gotten a
chance to sit down and write since last week. Or, I'd squandered what
chances I -did- have. Heh. In any case, the ending is flowing out of
me, even with my determination not to rush it. I -always- seem to
rush endings.

And, you know, what ending isn't a beginning, after all? ;)

A new chapter of Steven went up yesterday over on the Short Fiction


Any feedback is more than welcome.

Soon, I'll be working on The Glass Crown again! I'm incredibly


David M. Crampton

Aug 14, 2008, 6:41:16 PM8/14/08
to Ink spilled on a page
Hello, everybody!

In case you missed the very brief LJ post, the fiction behind Steven
is done! Fourty-seven chapters, each about the length of a short-
short. That made 24 issues, intended to be two years' worth of
comics, in three story arcs. I have yet to type it up, but it will be
done soon. And in celebration, I have posted another chapter of
Steven's story on my short fiction page.

What's next? Well, I wrote a short bit in a back-and-forth series for
a White Wolf LARP that I'm in. Moving is nearly complete and
unpacking is underway, not to mention OBGYN appointments (I did
mention that I'm going to be a father, right?) meetings regarding the
webcomic, that nagging desire to write the Mayan Steampunk piece, but,
rest assured, The Glass Crown is the next focus of my attention. Oh,
and I'm not abandoning Adam's Name, either. If I remember correctly,
I'm about a third of the way through the Chicago chapter.

What? Webcomic? Did I say webcomic? Maaaaaybe. ;)

A note about the Google Group - anybody can post, it's not just an
announcement list. If you'd like to start a new topic, or respond to
one in progress, feel free. :) If there's something of mine you've
read, or a direction that you'd like to see taken, or a question about
a character you enjoy that I didn't cover, feel free to ask and/or
comment and/or post. For instance, I know somebody got emotionally
attached to the main character of The Remembrance and cursed me for
it. :) "Damn you, Dave!" I know someone else who wanted to lob it
through the window long before finishing up the first five chapters.
Once she got through that part, she enjoyed herself.

Anyway, I'm always looking for input.

Relevant links:

Steven - http://steven.davidmcrampton.com/
The Remembrance - http://remembrance.davidmcrampton.com/
Short Fiction page - http://www.davidmcrampton.com/fiction.php
Google Group - http://groups.google.com/group/DavidMCrampton

I sense a pattern in syntax.


David M. Crampton

Aug 20, 2008, 11:11:18 PM8/20/08
to Ink spilled on a page
Konbanwa, minasan!

I've made some progress on the writing-in-chaos problem. I can stop
and start again, without losing track. It's something that I didn't
know I had in me, and I'm very happy for it.

More Steven fiction is up. I think we're about halfway through Book 2
at this point. Blaize and the one with the sword are taking out
members of the Coven, and Steven is chafing in the organization
required for one city to wage war upon another. Mmm, burnt flesh.

Really looking forward to next week's meeting regarding the upcoming
webcomic, and I really need to do some extra script writing. The
first bit involved a lot of back and forth with my partners (artist
and mechanics), and I'm looking forward to getting in the groove with
my co-conspirators.

I'm feeling just as much urge to write the Adam in Chicago story as I
am to write in the sequel. The sequel will still be my priority,
overall, but I remember the girl and the ritual and the house burning
down and the coffee shop and Walter's fiery friend and... yeah, that
one was left unfinished for too long. I've got this itch, man.

Hoping to have yet another chapter of Steven out to everyone on
Friday. As always, input is welcomed.


David M. Crampton

Aug 26, 2008, 11:21:51 PM8/26/08
to Ink spilled on a page

I shake my fist at the sky regarding anything involving me and
artists. Truly, we were not meant to be.

The webcomic meeting for this week is getting rescheduled, and I never
got the pages for Steven. Nor has the artist received them back,
however it seems he's not been getting -any- mail in over a month.
So, here I am, once again, turning Steven into something else besides
a comic. So far, a novel has been suggested. I'm open to any
suggestions that pop up in your brainmeats, as well. :) Never fear,
I will still post the serial fiction bits that I've finished.
Speaking of which, the next chapter should be up shortly after this
hits your mailbox or your Friends List or both.

I'm reading up on The Glass Crown, to bring that world back into focus
for me. It's going to take quite a bit for me not to jump into
editing mode; I'm already wanting to fix everything. I have to be
okay with this being the first draft, and just write. Write write
write. And then, write.

Barnes & Noble has classified The Remembrance as Young Adult, though
Borders insists that it's Mystery/Thriller/Horror/Espionage. I knew
that the book straddled genres, but that's getting a wee bit
ridiculous. I'm planning on finishing out The Glass Crown in the same
very-little-swearing no-sex style that The Remembrance has. Both
Steven and Adam's Name will have some more adult themes in them. I
doubt anyone will be adding /Romance to any of the genre listings,

I wonder if an Apprentice to the Eldest showing up in the prologue of
The Glass Crown is cheaty, because there was no mention of him in the
prologue of The Remembrance. I'm definitely going to have to think
about his purpose in the prologue, and if another position in the city
might be more appropriate than just tacking him on to someone who had
the knowledge that he will need to start out with. /vague

Oh, if you'd like to be an Alpha/Beta reader for The Glass Crown, and
you aren't already, feel free to contact me. I've still got room for
a few more.


Ann Droid

Aug 30, 2008, 9:53:30 AM8/30/08
to davidmc...@googlegroups.com
so steven's already written in installment form, correct? on account of it being for comicbook format? thinking that weird tales magazine style short-story collection regular publications might be a good idea. since weird tales magazine was a good idea in the first place. use someone else's existing format (does weird tales still come out?), or publish your own, full of assorted fantasy-type tales collaboratively.

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David M. Crampton

Sep 25, 2008, 8:13:07 PM9/25/08
to Ink spilled on a page
I might try to sell it as a serial fiction piece. Electronic
magazines (zines) seem to be more prevalent than paper ones, any
more. There will be some difficulty doing that, because I've been
posting the story regularly on my web page, but it's still worth a
try. :)

On Aug 30, 9:53 am, Ann Droid <paradox...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> so steven's already written in installment form, correct? on account of it being for comicbook format? thinking that weird tales magazine style short-story collection regular publications might be a good idea. since weird tales magazine was a good idea in the first place. use someone else's existing format (does weird tales still come out?), or publish your own, full of assorted fantasy-type tales collaboratively.
> > Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 20:21:51 -0700
> > Subject: Re: Weekly Word Count
> > From: dave.cramp...@gmail.com
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David M. Crampton

Oct 1, 2008, 11:30:53 PM10/1/08
to Ink spilled on a page
Quick and dirty:

- Three more chapters of Steven went up last week. I'm intending on
putting three more up this week. http://steven.davidmcrampton.com/

- I've been challenged/asked to enter the genre of Paranormal
Romance. Something new, something fresh, something good.

- The Remembrance could be improved with a re-write. Haven't finished
Glass Crown. Steven may have to be re-written from the ground up.
Need to -finish- something. /whine

- I've unpacked some of my writing journals. I need to find more and
unpack them. Soon. :)


David M. Crampton

Oct 15, 2008, 11:22:09 PM10/15/08
to Ink spilled on a page
Have you ever written, and then ended up with less words than when you

I used to be so good at math.

I took last week and this week's writing (Yay for writing on break!)
and typed them into the Chapter 6 file. I'm back on the horse, so to
speak, when it comes to The Glass Crown. I have reminders set for me
- this story is not about the Guardians, damnit - and guidelines that
the characters have set for me, and an outline that will constantly
need to be revised as I write each chapter. The outline, which has
existed since the NaNoWriMo in which I started the sequel, is still
dead on for where I want to take the story.

Speaking of NaNoWriMo (segue powers, activate!), I'm debating trying
it again this year. I have a new novel to start, but it would put
another month-long pause on The Glass Crown. Should I do it?

David M. Crampton

Oct 20, 2008, 8:27:33 PM10/20/08
to Ink spilled on a page
Today brings great news!

Over the weekend, a piece of flash fiction (under 500 words) was
accepted and published on a web-based zine! The zine is called
ConUtopiaN, and is directed at Michigan fandom convention goers. This
is my only piece under 400 words (which is what they're looking for),
so I decided to send it on its way, and give it a shot. You can find
the piece, called "Victim", on the front page, here:


I brought it down from my DeviantArt page (username: dcrampton) when I
decided to submit it. I've also brought Two Vampires down from my
Short Fiction page (now called Early Drafts) so that I can double-
check it one more time, and then send it off to its next submission
destination. Writing in longer pieces is no excuse to not submit my
shorter ones. Of course, finding a paying market that will accept a
6500 word piece is challenging. It won't stop me, though. :)

So, keep your fingers crossed, and if there are any magazines, zines,
or other paying markets that you know of, feel free to send them my


Anthony Knoll

Feb 16, 2009, 10:46:29 AM2/16/09
to DavidMC...@googlegroups.com
Nice.. .That's pretty cool how do I get a copy?

Oh and one more thing I was thinking about the "book" that is referenced in The Remembrance.  I kno wwe both have lots to do and even less tuim eto do them..but give it some thought.. I think actually making the book would be fun.. and I know that I mentioned that I thought you should have chapters "written" by the guardians..  if you do decide to do that.  I would lik eto know what you feel Loki would be writing about and give me some perameters..

ok Later..
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