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Subject: Ptil Tekhelet's Thirteenth Annual (Free) Parshat Trumah Raffle


See below for exciting action opportunities to help educate about the mitzvah of Tekhelet

Ptil Tekhelet
The Association for the Promotion
and Distribution of Tekhelet
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Friend,

Join us in celebrating Parshat Trumah, the weekly Torah reading in which Tekhelet is first mentioned! 

Continuing in Am Yisrael's tradition of Trumah (giving), Ptil Tekhelet would like to give thanks to our growing circle of friends. Your support and encouragement has helped Ptil Tekhelet increase the range and scope of our educational programming and distribution of Tekhelet.

In recognition of your role in spreading this mitzvah, Ptil Tekhelet is pleased to donate the following items for our thirteenth annual raffle. There is no charge to enter, and the only "strings attached" are the ones you are eligible to win!

Grand Prize
Yomim Noraim Tallit with Tekhelet
Fifth Prize
Factory tour - family voucher
First Prize
Woolen Tallit with Tekhelet
Sixth Prize
Hebrew Book
Klil Tekhelet, Lulaot Tekhelet or Eved HaMelech
Second Prize
Begged Katan with Tekhelet
Seventh Prize
"Mystery of Tekhelet" - CD
English, Hebrew or "Cheder" Edition
Third Prize
Tekhelet hands-on educational dye kit
Eighth Prize
Ptil Tekhelet Sweatshirt or T-shirt
Fourth Prize
Marine tour - family voucher
Ninth Prize
Tekhelet Timeline Poster
Tenth Prize - New Item!
Packet of custom-designed Bar-Mitzvah and wedding cards

To be eligible to win, please reply to this message with your name, postal address, and telephone number. One submission per person and/or e-mail address, please. 

Read Rabbi Navon's latest write-up in the Times Of Israel:
"Tekhelet is a color whose time has come."

This Shabbat, Dr. Baruch Sterman will be a scholar-in- residence in Toronto, Canada. For details regarding his speaking schedule contact Torah in Motion.

Please visit our website at: www.tekhelet.com for upcoming programs in Israel and the U.S.A.

Tizku L'Mitzvot,
Ptil Tekhelet

Ptil Tekhelet
P.O. Box 50257
Jerusalem 91502

Phone: 972-2-590-0577
Fax: 972-2-993-3420

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