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Ptil Tekhelet
The Association for the Promotion
and Distribution of Tekhelet
Jerusalem, Israel


לעברית – לחץ כאן

June 14, 2012 - 24 Sivan, 5772

Dear Friends of Ptil Tekhelet,


In honor of Parshat Shlach, the Torah portion in which we read about the mitzvah of tzitzit, we would like to thank you for all of your support and share with you some updates.

13th Annual Parshat Trumah Raffle Winners 

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Ptil Tekhelet thirteenth Annual Parshat Trumah raffle. The winners are listed below. This year we received entries not only from the US, Israel and England, but from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Australia, as well. We thank all the participants who entered and congratulate the lucky winners. Please contact ju...@tekhelet.com to collect your prize.


Sixth Annual Kuntreis

This week we will be distributing 10,000 copies of our sixth annual Kuntreis - Vehaya Lachem l’Tzitzit to shuls throughout Israel. The pamphlet contains a collection of never-before published articles on tzitzit and tekhelet by renowned Israeli Rabbis.  It is also available for download in the Ptil Tekhelet Library.

Asufat  Maamarim  Beinyanei Tekhelet By HaRav Eliyahu Tavger

We are pleased to announce the completion of a collection of  original articles by Rav Eliyahu Tavger, founder of Amutat Ptil Tekhelet, on topics relating to tekhelet. This compilation, entitled Asufat Maamarim, is available for download in the Ptil Tekhelet Library.



Marine Tours – Factory Tours

Our popular Dor Marine Tour and factory visits are as popular as ever!  For factory tours in Cfar Adumim contact jo...@tekhelet.com.

For details regarding the Dor Marine Tour please see our Marine Tour page.  

Tours are coming together on the following dates:

   - July 13

   - Aug 16

For these or other dates please contact mo...@tekhelet.com

Don't miss this "Once in 70 years" experience!

Time Of Israel
In celebration of parshat shelach, Rabbi Navon has dedicated his latest write-up in the Times Of Israel to tekhelet:
"The Color Sublime".

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And the raffle winners are …


Grand Prize - Yomim Noraim Tallit with Tekhelet

David Kogon, Ontario, Canada

First Prize- Woolen Tallit with Tekhelet

Nathan Fein, New York, USA


Second Prize- Begged Katan with Tekhelet

Zvi Dubin, New York, USA


Third Prize- Tekhelet hands-on educational dye kit

Yoni Novick, Rechovot, Israel


Fourth Prize- Marine tour - family voucher

Meir Mishkoff, USA


Fifth Prize- Factory tour - family voucher

Danny Levy, Jerusalem, Israel


Sixth Prize- Hebrew Book: Klil Tekhelet, Lulaot Tekhelet or Eved HaMelech

Yehuda Katz, New York, USA 


Seventh Prize- "Mystery of Tekhelet" CD - English, Hebrew or "Cheder" Edition

Judah Mogilensky, Maryland, USA


Eighth Prize- Ptil Tekhelet Sweatshirt or T-shirt

Dr. Gerald Minkowitz, New York, USA


Ninth Prize- Tekhelet Timeline Poster

Dr. Craig Weinstein, New Jersey, USA 

Ptil Tekhelet
P.O. Box 50257

Jerusalem, Israel


Phone: 972-2-590-0577
Fax: 972-2-993-3420

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