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Donna Shelley

Feb 20, 2024, 7:46:39 PMFeb 20
to DuPage Apple User Group
Sorry to miss the meeting!  Been in a snarl over transferring my original music from my M1 Monterey to my M2 Sonoma.  For some reason the files from M1 went on to M2 with the wrong Artwork (album cover).  I tried deleting each and every image from the Artwork menu on Info.  It removed the wrong artwork.  I closed out and when I came back later...it was all back like before...as if I didn't touch the file.  I did this 3 times with a ton of songs...but no change.
Then I decided to look in the section called Albums.  In there I could delete, replace, etc just fine.  I had to take a little (command/shitf/4) screen shot of the music image (two eighth notes) and do a replace on the image.  Then it worked for good.  So far.  I'm enclosing the screen shot of what I'm talking about.  Hope this helps someone.
Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 6.37.33 PM.png

Donna Shelley

Mar 4, 2024, 11:05:30 AMMar 4
to DuPage Apple User Group
Ok, I thought I'd figured out this infuriating problem...but now every time I go into the Music app on my mini I still see the WRONG ARTWORK on some of my playlists.
I go into the "album" "info" and into the "artwork" and I delete the image.  Fine, it goes back to the 2 eighth notes image that it should have.  I close out the app...then I go back 
into Music once again...it opens and gives me a spinning ball for at least two minutes...cause you know what?...it's re-editing the corrections I just made and putting the same 
Wrong Images right back into the files that I removed them from!!  So I do this exercise yet again, and again...still does the same dang thing every time.  Unless I replace that icon image with a screen shot of the two eighth notes...it won't stand corrected as I directed.  That rhymes.  Dang it.  What pain in the..drain.  That rhymes too.

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