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Mary Bart

Oct 17, 2023, 4:33:19 PM10/17/23
I have a gnarly problem here. My husband’s computer is too old to even get his email anymore. He has mild dementia and cannot possibly learn to work a new computer. He has a Yahoo mail account, but he doesn’t remember the password or the security questions he used to know. How can I get his account to send his emails to me, or better yet to another email box (like maybe using his Apple ID as a mailing address? where I could at least pull up email for him? On Yahoo, the computer knows his current email address, but Lex can no longer access the email, so them sending him a link to re-set his password isn’t gonna work. Because it will go to his mail box which he cannot access. I have a feeling there is a relatively easy work around for this. Something simple where I can point him to his own mailbox and he can read his own emails. Is this possible? I even have an iPad lying not being used that if he could access his email on THAT, he could do it that way. (Maybe.)
The iPad is currently updating itself to iPAdOS 16.7.1 My laptop is currently running Ventura, 13.5.2


Oct 17, 2023, 5:54:20 PM10/17/23
Mary, I have a gmail address just for Facebook access and have all emails from that account forwarded to my regular email. I expect there is also an option like that for Yahoo mail. 
Or if you set up the ipad to access his email and get him signed in once and don't sign him out, he can go to his email any time without any sign in stuff. That's what my Mary does and she basically never "signs in" to her email, she just taps on Mail and starts reading all the stuff that doesn't seem to go to her spam filter like mine does... give it a try?

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