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Donna Shelley

Feb 26, 2023, 12:46:03 PM2/26/23
to DuPage Apple User Group
Update: Still working to get Music working correctly, even on my M1 Mac mini!  The new M2 is still totally out to lunch.  
I've been hard at it to load our original music from a flash drive into my M1.
Going on 4 hours, importing 18 original songs, and it has not yet worked.  I did manage to 
load in 4 songs tho...all the songs have the same recorder info, etc. etc. ...but only 4 managed to be transferred from the flash drive.  The remainder is just not moving.
I've looked on the Apple help...but none relate or work for us as original music people.
I don't have a CD that I'm downloading from.  I'm transferring from a professional recorder into a Snow Leopard 2010 Spin Doctor from Roxio.  We like to use the older software and computer because ..."it works better".  Any of the new stuff just glitches up a storm.
Maybe for your average music listener Apple Music is ok...but for us who are in the business of is balky and hard to work with.  So disappointed in Apple because I love the product...most of the time.  There's no excuse for this not working.

Donna Shelley

Feb 26, 2023, 7:27:19 PM2/26/23
to DuPage Apple User Group
Looking online and finding this from a year ago discussing Monterey/M1.
So am I to assume they haven't bothered to fix this issue or am I missing something here?

Donna Shelley

Feb 27, 2023, 10:34:31 AM2/27/23
to DuPage Apple User Group
Update: 1.
I did finally find a way to get 18 songs into my M1.  I spent the whole day yesterday working/reading about issues.  But I was using a large Gig flash drive. I have read on them that they are not always trustworthy.  But it was my first plan of action.  So as said previous, 4 of the songs did import.  I kept working on trying to get the rest imported.  (Insanity when you keep it up right?). But I had to try.  I even checked the files of the ones that did work to the ones that did not.  They were the SAME! in size/etc/etc.  So why didn't they import, even with the spinning beachball thing?  ok.
2. I even tried just using the raw imported files that didn't play in my Music in my iMovie...but it said there was "no file".
3. So I thought try another way.  Take the files directly from Snow Leopard to Monterey M1 via "connect to server" link.  I attempted to go from M1 to S.L. and it wouldn't take my password.  So I made sure the password was correct...but S.L. still refused it AND the link.
Grrr.  So I tried going from S.L. to M1 and I was able to get in to my hard drive that way finally (many questions here but beside the point).

I did get the files imported doing it this way.  It was choices were:  MacintoshHD or donnashelley to open up...I just went into the HD and dumped the files in my Applications section.  It was spinning beachball.
So this leaves me with more questions than before.  But I lost the whole day doing this and there's got to be a better way.  I'm thinking Phil DeBuhr is correct in keeping with the old guard...the old Macs.  They just work...most of the time.  But then there's workarounds you have to do just to keep up.  I don't know.  This is a love/hate relationship...but Mac and Me are friends again and so I'm glad of that.


Feb 27, 2023, 11:39:16 AM2/27/23
Have you given up, Donna, on getting your music onto the M2?

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Donna Shelley

Feb 27, 2023, 4:43:59 PM2/27/23
to DuPage Apple User Group
Sadly, I have not had time to work with the M2.  There is only so much energy and daylight to get stuff done.  I will relegate the search for M2 
solutions to spare time work.  Too bad too because it was supposed to be an upgrade and a help.  Right's not doing much.  

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