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Max Linke

Feb 5, 2016, 1:34:52 PM2/5/16
to datreant
David what are your plans for the next release? What is currently missing?

David Dotson

Feb 5, 2016, 2:08:20 PM2/5/16
to Max Linke, datreant
Hey Max,

Very good question, and I'll admit I'm not the most disciplined at just shipping. :D

The goalpost keeps moving, but datreant.core can release when we have:
  1. Treants that work as general-purpose tree manipulators. This doesn't have to be a completely stable API, but it does need to have basic functionality for it to advance. This is the core functionality of Treants that makes them useful at all in the absence of ``, since that's now separate. Also, Limbs can be easier to write by depending on this functionality for directory creation, file locking/storage, etc.
  2. Docs. I've been horrible at keeping the docs in sync with what's changed, mainly because new changes for the library structure and its core idea have progressed faster. I've been loathe to spend too much time on documenting the current behavior while being aware that major changes are in the works that will obselete them, anyway.
  3. We need the docs for datreant.core and to auto-build on read-the-docs, with the doc index for datreant.core serving a bit as a hub with links to the docs for, datreant.blaze, etc. when hese come around.
So yeah, we probably need another personality that's more willing to put their foot down managing releases. The current milestone does reflect roughly what I wrote above.

Is this too much? I'm fine with releasing when these things are done, but of course there's always the danger of being trapped in development hell since (1) is rather broad.


On 02/05/2016 11:34 AM, Max Linke wrote:
David what are your plans for the next release? What is currently missing?
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