Authentication to dataverse through API?

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Agnes Cameron

Apr 27, 2021, 5:54:13 AM4/27/21
Hi there —

I’m currently looking into making a dataset-indexing tool that posts a dataset to a named repository in the Harvard Dataverse as an optional part of the workflow. I was wondering if Dataverse allows access tokens to be generated through OAuth so if the person submitting the dataset already has an account, they’d be able to post a dataset via that? (as opposed to a single group/institutional account)



Philip Durbin

Apr 27, 2021, 2:40:19 PM4/27/21
Hi Agnes,

First of all, your tool sounds interesting. :)

The short answer is no, Dataverse does not support the creation of access tokens through OAuth.

In practice, various tools make use of a user's API token, which can be retrieved from the user account page:

I hope this helps. Please keep the questions coming.



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Agnes Cameron

Apr 27, 2021, 3:03:23 PM4/27/21
thanks phil! alas, I thought so —  would be great to get your thoughts, or hear if anyone’s tried something similar 

We’ve been thinking about ways to build up an index of extended metadata (based on the social science data sharing guidelines, plus some extra stuff like doing some entity reconciliation on schemas) for innovation datasets that are either already located in some repository (dataverse/zenodo/bigquery/someone’s website) or that haven’t been posted yet. 

In the former case we’d use various APIs to populate most of the metadata, so as a minimum you just need to post the URL, but could also add in some more info. For the latter case, we want to include a step that then posts the files straight to dataverse (or zenodo if they’re very large), along with all the metadata.

thanks for your help :)


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