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Philip Durbin

Mar 10, 2023, 9:29:33 AMMar 10
Hello Dataverse enthusiasts!

This week three videos were added to DataverseTV:

First, during the community call, Sebastian Karcher presented "Integrating Hypothesis Open Web Annotations into Dataverse". Here's the description:

QDR provides an external tool, Anno-REP, to extract annotations from Word or PDF, convert them into annotations, and export them to any webpage. Annotations are also stored in QDR’s Dataverse instance, where they can be viewed using a previewer.

Second, Jan Range (who visited IQSS this week) gave a short demo during tech hours called "Modular SPA Design: Proof of principle in React". Here's the description:

"As Dataverse strives towards enriching its capabilities through a single page application, cutting-edge web development libraries like React provide unparalleled flexibility in design. In light of this, a significant achievement would be to enable users to tailor their experience by integrating plugins that extend functionality or streamline data transfer to external applications, such as a review tool. The talk at hand showcases a prototype, serving as a proof of concept, and offers insight into the architecture and utilization of such an extension within the SPA."

Finally, Jan gave another talk during our monthly team meeting about EasyDataverse. The summary:

"EasyDataverse is a Python library used to interface Dataverse installations and present metadatablocks as objects that data can be mapped to. Simply connect to a Dataverse, enter metadata, add files and upload to your installation."

Do YOU have a little something you'd like to put on DataverseTV? Please let us know!

Have a great weekend!

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