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Tanooj ch

May 1, 2014, 3:54:41 AM5/1/14
HI guys,
 i am new to DVN world,

please find the attched document ,this is the exception coming when i entered ./install and then ........

domain is starting successfully but when i enter localhost/dvn  nothing is displaying

thanks in advance

Philip Durbin

May 1, 2014, 8:44:21 AM5/1/14
Hi Tanooj ch,

Four threads on this list? If we could keep it all in one thread, I'm
sure everyone on this list would appreciate it. :)

You seem to be having a variety of problems using the DVN 3.x
installer. Did you download version 3.6.2 from ? Or did you
download a previous version?

There was a recent commit on the installer...

Committing some minor code changes (mainly installer-related) I still
ha... · eefab75 · IQSS/dvn -

... and I wonder if your problem is related at all.

I have not personally used the installer for 3.6.2 yet. I maintain a
Vagrant environment at but
it's still locked to version 3.5.1. (There's a ticket to upgrade it: ).

If I were you, as a sanity check, I would try even though it's for DVN
3.5.1. `vagrant up` should give you a functioning installation. Then,
in the same Vagrant environment, you could try newer versions such at

In addition, we offer individual support. A ticket number will be
assigned to your case if you email . Once we work
through your issues we can summarize the problem and solution for the
benefit of this Google Group.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your interest in Dataverse!

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