notes for 2018-09-25 Dataverse Community Call

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Philip Durbin

Sep 26, 2018, 9:04:20 PM9/26/18

2018-09-25 Dataverse Community Call


* Release Updates
* Community Questions


* Danny Brooke (IQSS)
* Phil Durbin (IQSS)
* Gustavo Durand (IQSS)
* Paul Boon (DANS)
* Julian Gautier (IQSS)
* Pete Meyer (HMS)
* Jamie Jamison (UCLA)
* James Doiron (Alberta)
* Piya (Alberta)
* Jim Myers (QDR/TDL)
* Slava (DANS)
* Mali Akmanalp (HKS)
* Oliver Bertuch (Forschungszentrum Jülich)


* Release Updates - 4.9.3
   * Internationalization - allows for multiple languages in bundles
   * See the list at
   * Question from Slava: Does this include translations of metadata blocks?
      * No. See Internationalization : redesign the architecture to handle metadatablocks:
* Community Questions
* (Slava) Question about keeping up to date with changes to English strings in
   * Juan's "Script for translators" post:
   * Jim - has use outside of internationalization
* (Jamie) Question about if there will be a Global Dataverse Community Consortium Helpdesk, and if so, when.
   * (Danny) I'll follow up with Jon Crabtree about the consortium.
* (Mali) Large datasets about world trade data. Hitting 2.5 GB limit. Long time for tabular ingest (can it be disabled)?
   * (Phil) There's an issue at "File Upload: Allow users to skip ingest as tabular data"
* (Oliver) Just wanted to say hello and share some thoughts on what I've been working on.
   * The S3 driver I was thinking of running in production too. Running on a private cloud based on OpenStack. Maybe on Kubernetes but not sure. May use Minio. Want to ensure it that will work by having integration tests. docker-aio seems bloated so wouldn't necessarily want to add more. Maybe we could use a framework like Arquillian that deploys what you need to test. Have experience with Spring. Which issues would you like me to focus on? Additional persistent identifiers are something we need for sure.
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