Dataverse Community Call - 1/17

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Jan 13, 2017, 12:18:45 PM1/13/17
to Dataverse Users Community
Hi everyone - please join us for the community call on Tuesday! Call in information and the agenda can be found here:

If you have anything you'd like to get onto the agenda, please let me know, or just bring it up on Tuesday!

- Danny

Philip Durbin

Jan 17, 2017, 12:55:15 PM1/17/17
Great conversation! Here are the notes I took:

2017-01-17 Dataverse Community Call


* Release Updates
* Questions from the Community

* Danny (IQSS)
* Phil (IQSS)
* Tania (IQSS)
* Slava (DANS)
* Sherry (UVA)
* Ryan Steans (TDL)
* Nick Lauland (TDL)
* Pete (HMS)


* Release Updates
   * Next release is 4.6.1
      * Main features:
         * OAuth/ORCID Login (in QA)
         * File Replace (soon will hit code review and then QA)
      * Phil will push latest code to for API users to try new file add/replace APIs and will announce at!forum/dataverse-community
* Community Feedback/Questions
   * Dataverse documentation has been good!
   * Harvested content is now appearing at
   * UVA is staying on 4.5 until email problems are resolved.
   * UVA is using Shibboleth so emails should be verified automatically (Shibboleth emails are trusted) but Sherry is still seeing a "Verify email" button. Phil asked her to review these open issues (comments welcome!).
   * Slava isn't able to upload 10 GB files.
      * Danny indicated that support for bigger data is coming as part of
   * Slava is wondering if there is a "submit for review" workflow.
      * Pete has a "submit for review" workflow in mind for Dataverse and has left comments at
      * Slava is using Shibboleth and wants to assign Shib groups.
      * Slava will email security concern about restricted files to
      * Slava is close to upgrading from DVN 3 to Dataverse 4.
   * Nick is wondering about reporting, metrics, statistics.
      * Multiple institutions in one installation of Dataverse. How much is each institution using?
      * How big is our Dataverse installation? What's in it?
      * Tools for reporting by the superuser. Metrics.
      * Danny mentioned the "miniverse" application which can expose metrics about your Dataverse installation.
         * is powered by and can be pointed at a Dataverse 4 installation.
         * Counts of files per Dataset using the latest DatasetVersion:!/metrics_-_datasets/get_datasets_file_stats
         * Counts of published datasets based on total bytes of storage used:!/metrics_-_datasets/get_datasets_bytes_used
      * Danny mentioned that "What's in this Dataverse installation?" is being worked on. For more information, see
   * Nick would like to limit login Shibboleth based on an attribute. Not just anyone with a Shibboleth login.
      * Slava uses an "entitlement" field to know where user is coming from.
* Danny reminded everyone about the 2017 Dataverse Community Meeting June 14, 15, and 16, 2017:

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