Dataverse 5.10 released: multiple license support, etc.

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Philip Durbin

Mar 18, 2022, 4:15:54 PMMar 18
Hello Dataverse enthusiasts!

It is my great pleasure to announce that Dataverse 5.10 is here!

The highlight of this release is multiple license support, and I'll include the blurb from the release notes below. Huge thanks to Jan van Mansum from DANS and Jim Myers from GDCC for their contributions to this feature, as well as everyone who gave input, etc.

There's lots of other good stuff in 5.10, of course! Please check it out and give us feedback here or through the usual channels. Here's a direct link to the release notes:

Also, have a great weekend!


### Multiple License Support

Users can now select from a set of configured licenses in addition to or instead of the previous Creative Commons CC0 choice or provide custom terms of use (if configured) for their datasets. Administrators can configure their Dataverse instance via API to allow any desired license as a choice and can enable or disable the option to allow custom terms. Administrators can also mark licenses as "inactive" to disallow future use while keeping that license for existing datasets. For upgrades, only the CC0 license will be preinstalled. New installations will have both CC0 and CC BY preinstalled. The Configuring Licenses ( ) section of the Installation Guide shows how to add or remove licenses.

**Note: Datasets in existing installations will automatically be updated to conform to new requirements that custom terms cannot be used with a standard license and that custom terms cannot be empty. Administrators may wish to manually update datasets with these conditions if they do not like the automated migration choices. See the "Notes for Dataverse Installation Administrators" section of the release notes for details.**

This release also makes the license selection and/or custom terms more prominent when publishing and viewing a dataset and when downloading files.


Philipp at UiT

Mar 19, 2022, 11:41:01 AMMar 19
to Dataverse Users Community
That's great news! Multiple-license support is a long-awaited feature. Thanks to all contributors!
I have just created a GitHub issues (#8512) with some suggestions (and solution!) on how to standardize the way standard licenses are configured using the released multiple-license support.

Best, Philipp
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