Announcement: pyDataverse "0.2.0 - Ida Pfeiffer" released

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Stefan Kasberger

Jun 18, 2019, 12:10:00 AM6/18/19
to Dataverse Users Community


pyDataverse, an open source Python module for Dataverse, announces the release of "v0.2.0 - Ida Pfeiffer". This release adds functionalities to import, manipulate and export the metadata of Dataverses, Datasets and Datafiles.

The release is named after Ida Pfeiffer, an Austrian traveller and travel book author, who collected a vast amount of plants, insects, mollusks, marine life and mineral specimens.

Features of pyDataverse "0.2.0 - Ida Pfeiffer" include:

  • add Datavers Api metadata functionalities:
    • set allowed attributes via a list of dict()
    • import of Dataverse and Dataset metadata from Dataverse Api JSON
    • validity check of Dataverse, Dataset and Datafile attributes necessary for Dataverse Api upload
    • export Dataverse, Dataset and Datafile attributes as dict() and JSON
    • export Dataverse and Dataset metadata JSON necessary for Dataverse Api upload
    • tests for Dataverse, Dataset and Datafile
  • add PUT request and edit metadata request to Api() (PR #8)
  • read in csv files and convert to Dataverse compatible dict() for automatic import of datasets into a Dataset() object
pyDataverse @ Dataverse Community Conference

From 18th to 22nd of June 2019, pyDataverse's main developer Stefan Kasberger will be at the Dataverse Community Conference in Cambridge, MA to exchange with others about pyDataverse end develop it further. If you are interested and around, drop by and join us. If you can not attend, you can connect with us via Dataverse Chat.

Additional Resources

About pyDataverse

pyDataverse includes the most basic data operations to import and export data via the Dataverse API. The functionality will be expanded in the next weeks with more requests and a class-based data model for the metadata. This will allow to easily import and export metadata, and upload it directly to the API.


To find out how you can contribute, please have a look at the Contributor Guide. No contribution is too small!

The most important contribution right now is simply to use the module. It would be great, if you install it, run some code on your PC and access your own Dataverse instance if possible - and give feedback after it (contact).

Another way is, to share this release with others, who could be interested (e. g. retweet my Tweet, or send an Email).


Stefan Kasberger
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