Deaccessioning/controlling access to individual versions of a study?

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Stephen Marks

Aug 3, 2012, 11:19:19 AM8/3/12
Happy Friday!

I have a user asking if it's possible to deaccession or otherwise make inaccessible a specific version of a study. Her rationale is that there were some errors made when the study was initially released, and they're not particularly useful or interesting due to this. In my looking around, I don't think this is possible, so if she wants the initial "bad" version to not be seen, she's going to have to delete and recreate the study in question.

However, just because I don't see how to do something doesn't mean it's not possible. =) I thought I would send somethign out to the list to see if anyone else knew if it was possible or not before I hand down a final verdict.

Thanks, and hope everyone is having a good one!


Condon, Kevin

Aug 3, 2012, 12:44:33 PM8/3/12


There is no way to deaccession only a version of a study. You can deaccession a study and it will not be viewable but when you attempt to edit or modify the deaccessioned version, it creates a new draft version. When you release the draft version of the study the formerly deaccessioned version is listed as archived on the study version tab. and so accessible.

If you have some thoughts on how you would like it to work or you think it should work we can consider them for a future release.


Stephen Marks

Aug 3, 2012, 1:05:56 PM8/3/12
Hi Kevin--

Thanks for the clarification. This is pretty much what I thought, but
I wanted to make sure before I put forward an authoritative answer.

My feeling is that this is not a particularly common case, and
enforcing the retention of versions serves a good purpose for
preservation. I don't think this needs to be considered for inclusion
unless you run out of other requests. =)

Thanks and have a good weekend!

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