Response time too long when i add New Dataset

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AMAL Issame

May 2, 2016, 10:13:36 AM5/2/16
to Dataverse Users Community
Hello !

First i would like to apologize for my english. 

I successfully installed Dataverse v4.3
 on a server (System centos 6.7 - Proc 1 processeur dual core - 8 GO RAM - 15 GO principal partition - 40 GO partition /opt). 

Everything works great, except that when I want to add a New Dataset, it takes about 3 mins to show me the add form.
I did the same thing on and it works very well without a long waiting time.

Is that "normal" ? Or should i do something to perform my configuration on my server ?

Thank you.


Philip Durbin

May 2, 2016, 10:31:40 AM5/2/16
No, a three minute wait for the "add dataset" form to appear definitely isn't normal.

My first thought is that you could use `jstack` to see what Glassfish is spending time on. You'd need to first figure out the PID (process ID) of Glassfish. If the PID is 1234, then you'd run `jstack 1234` and look at the output. If you'd like a developer to look at the output you could attach it in a reply either here or in an email to

You could also attach a graphical tool called `jconsole` to Glassfish and watch the usage of CPU and memory over the course of the three minutes.

I hope this helps. Sorry for your trouble and thanks for giving Dataverse a try!


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AMAL Issame

May 3, 2016, 5:00:28 AM5/3/16
to Dataverse Users Community
Hi ! 

Thank you Philip for you quick answer.

I had a look on the Glassfish log file and I noticed that Dataverse can't be connected to the internet when I add New Dataset. So I just have to change my proxy on the server.

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