Installing Dataverse 4.0 On Windows OS

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Caesar Olima

May 13, 2015, 11:06:09 AM5/13/15
Dear All,

I have been struggling  for a while trying to install Dataverse 4.0. I basically went throught the processes below:-
  1. I cloned the current code from
  2. Compiled and packaged the source code using Maven.This went well no issues at all. No code changes were done at all.
  3. Have installed the required software Postgres 9.3, Glassfish 4.1 and Solr. Copied the postgresql driver to the glassfish lib directory.
  4. Configured datasources, mail server, message queues as was done previously in version 3.6.2.

I am unable to deploy the dataverse war file though. From some googlling it seems to be a problem with the prettyfaces library included in the application. I have not managed to pin point the erring file/library. I have attached a copy of server log I anyone could help me identify the cause of the problem. 

Has anyone succesfully managed to deploy dataverse 4.0 on a windows setting? What steps, did you take that I might have missed? Looking forward to your siggestions and ideas.


Caesar Olima


Philip Durbin

May 13, 2015, 12:21:42 PM5/13/15
Hi Caesar,

I believe there are some developers in the community (Akio?*) who *develop* on Windows but I'm not aware of anyone attempting to *install* Dataverse 4.0 on Windows.

Your mileage may vary, as they say. I'd recommend installing Dataverse on RHEL or CentOS if you can. :)

Also, please note that we have not yet tagged Dataverse 4.0 or officially released a war file we recommend. It should be coming real soon now to . Stay tuned!

All that said it *should* work on Windows (but you'll probably need Cygwin** installed to run the setup scripts, which require a Unix shell). With regard to the log you sent, it looks like you need to create a database since I'm seeing this: FATAL: database "dataversenet" does not exist

I hope this helps! If you get it working, please consider forking our repo and creating a new page about Windows installation under this folder:



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Caesar Olima

May 14, 2015, 3:48:27 AM5/14/15
Hello Phillip,

Thanks you very much for your suggestions. This is very helpful.

The initial exception on not finnding the database was caused by me disabling all connections to the current database. Although, even after dropping and recreating the database and restarting the glassfish server, it was still impossible to deploy the war file.

As you have proposed, I will give it a try with Cygwin first and observe the outcome. Otherwise, I might have to deploy it to CentOS, which will involve a bit of learning but not an issue at all.

Thanks once again. I will give your suggestions great consideration.

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