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Sherry Lake

Jul 22, 2015, 9:01:26 AM7/22/15
to Dataverse Users Community
Hi Dataverse Team & Community,

UVa Library is about to embark on installing a local instance of Dataverse. Is there any extra advice or guidance besides what is in the Installation guide?

One thing I could not find is a description of a minimum server requirement (size – Memory and storage and type of storage).

This week we are just starting to plan what we need and then will start to work on implementation in a few weeks (middle of August, due to vacation schedules).

Thanks. I am sure I, or my developer will be in touch soon.

Sherry Lake                                              shl...@virginia.edu<mailto:shl...@virginia.edu>
Scholarly Repository Librarian
University of Virginia Library

Philip Durbin

Jul 22, 2015, 9:52:35 AM7/22/15
to dataverse...@googlegroups.com
That's fantastic news!

Ben Companjen of http://dataverse.nl fame and I have been thinking about how the installation guide could be improved and we'd love feedback on the Google Doc we started to help figure how to best to organize it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GLky44JbtCNhGuavLXGEP8WPNdjbyHNxalEGjR78MaA/edit?usp=sharing

That Google Doc does list memory and storage under a "prerequisites" section, so we've already identified this as a shortcoming in our current guide. So hopefully this sort of information will be added. The ticket to track is https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2321 but I'll try to remember to announce when this has been added.

In addition, we hope to publish a diagram of the architecture used at Harvard as part of https://github.com/IQSS/dataverse/issues/2330 . While Dataverse can be installed on a single server, multiple servers are used to host https://dataverse.harvard.edu

In short, please ask anyone installing Dataverse to check out the Google Doc above and leave comments about what information would be helpful. And of course, as always, anyone installing Dataverse is welcome to open a support ticket by emailing sup...@dataverse.org . Quick questions can often be fielded at http://chat.dataverse.org

Thanks for your interest in Dataverse! We'd love to highlight more installations at http://dataverse.org :)


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