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Fernando Gonzalez

Jul 28, 2016, 8:52:38 AM7/28/16
to Dataverse Users Community
Good morning

We have installed Dataverse 4.3 and config the DOI with DataCite:

We have this config in setting table

    :Protocol     | doi
    :DoiSeparator | /
    :DoiProvider  | DataCite
    :Authority    | 10.5072

and this in domain.xml


But in the server log we have this:

  </a></div><div id="topmenu">You are not logged in | <span><a
href="/login">Login</a></span></div><br style="clear:both"/></div><div
id="main"><div version="2.0"><script
Spring.ElementDecoration({elementId : '_title_title_id', widgetType :
'dijit.TitlePane', widgetAttrs : {title: 'DataCite Metadata Store
Login', open: true}})); </script><p>You have tried to access a protected
area of this application.</p><form method="POST"
action="/resources/j_spring_security_check" name="f"><div><label
for="j_username">Symbol</label><input style="width:150px"
name="j_username" type="text" id="j_username"/><script

Is Dataverse 4.3 compatible with DataCite's DOIs?

Thanks in advance


Philip Durbin

Jul 28, 2016, 9:29:18 AM7/28/16
Hi, yes, Dataverse 4.3 and newer have support for DataCite DOI.

It's a little weird that you're seeing a mix of JSON and HTML in server.log. I would think that you'd only see a JSON response from the DataCite API.

Anyway, I *think* your configuration looks ok but a valid username and password would be required to test, which I don't have. With a valid username and password I would suggest testing the DataCite API directly by following the documentation at . There are examples in Python and Perl at . If this works, great, it's probably a misconfiguration of Dataverse that I'm not seeing. If you can't perform basic operations with the DataCite API directly (outside of Dataverse), then you should contact DataCite support, I'd say. (There are no recent incidents at so I think their service is working fine.)

I hope this helps!


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Fernando González Ballesteros

Jul 29, 2016, 6:38:52 AM7/29/16


In my dataveerse 4.3, there are java class from EZID but nothing for Datacite


But in the source code from Peking-University-Open-Research-Data-Platform there are this classes:


El 28/07/16 a las 15:29, Philip Durbin escribió:
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Sherry Lake

Jul 29, 2016, 7:39:57 AM7/29/16
to Dataverse Users Community
One thing I see is your :Authority value does not have a "shoulder". We have:

:Authority | 10.12345/V3

We get our DOIs from EZID & not directly DataCite. So I can't say for sure what is wrong.

Sherry Lake
"Keeper of the Dataverse"
Libra Data, University of Virginia

Philip Durbin

Jul 29, 2016, 8:09:26 AM7/29/16
to and a variety of other Java classes are part of Dataverse 4.3:

I can't understand why you wouldn't have these files. You should see "v. 4.3 build 23-b39c957" in the bottom right of any page (or on disk at WEB-INF/classes/

Here's the pull request where the feature was merged into 4.3:

I hope this helps,


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