Problem when uploading files with Chinese/Unicode file names

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Shih-Pei Chen

Jun 20, 2014, 6:28:46 AM6/20/14

I am testing the 4.0 Dataverse on the 4.0 demo site. I encountered a problem when uploading files with Chinese file names.  (I believe that it is a Unicode problem rather than a Chinese one.) The version 4.0 seems to be not able to recognize Chinese characters in the file name. The files tested were prepared on Mac OS machines. After a file being uploaded, the file name becomes a series of question mark or some other wired characters. It is possible to change the file name back to Unicode/Chinese characters on the metadata web page. However, next time when another file is uploaded to the same dataset, all previously uploaded files with Chinese file names would become problematic again. If I download a file with Chinese file name from the 4.0 demo site, the name of the downloaded file becomes nonsense symbols as well. Please see the screenshot attached. 

Using Chinese file names in my case could be crucial. Therefore, I would be very appreciated if you can let me know your schedule of solving this problem. 

Thank you very much! Great software!

Shih-Pei Chen

Philip Durbin

Jun 20, 2014, 8:09:10 AM6/20/14
Hi Shih-Pei!

Thanks for the bug report. I believe the bug report at captures the same problem
so we definitely know about it. I'll try to remember to reply to this
thread when it was been resolved.

Thanks for trying out Dataverse 4.0! Please keep the feedback coming!

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Philip Durbin
Software Developer for

Shih-Pei Chen

Jun 24, 2014, 9:45:08 AM6/24/14
Hi Phil:

Thank you! It's good to know that you are tracking this problem already! 

Yes, it is the same bug with the 4061 one, but I believe there is also problem uploading files with international characters in the filename. If you need more information from me, just let me know. 

It's good to get back in touch with the IQSS group! I am missing the spring and summer in Boston/Cambridge!


Philip Durbin

Jun 24, 2014, 10:16:40 AM6/24/14
Yes, I'm glad you're back in touch as well! I'm also following your internal ticket at

I just added a note to to link back to this thread on the Google Group so we remember to touch base with you for more details if need be. We appreciate you kicking the tires on !


It's been a very pleasant Spring in Boston. Not too hot like many years. :)

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