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Philip Durbin

Sep 20, 2013, 10:02:24 AM9/20/13
Authentication and authorization (especially Shibboleth support) will
be a focus of an upcoming release of DVN (3.7 is the current target)
and I created a separate mailing list to coordinate this effort,
especially among the various DVN installations that will want to have
their users authenticate against existing or future Shibbloeth
Identity Providers (IdPs). We'd like the DVN Service Provider (SP)
implementation to be compatible with all of them.

If you're interested in such topics, you are welcome to read the first
post below* and subscribe at



* archived at

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From: Philip Durbin <>
Date: Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 4:43 PM
Subject: Welcome the dvn-auth mailing list!

The dvn-auth mailing list has been established to have a public place
to discuss the evolution of authentication and authorization for
installations of Dataverse Network (DVN):

In the short term, the focus will be on making DVN a Shibboleth/SAML
Service Provider (SP) that authenticates users via one or more
Identity Providers (IdPs). Development of this feature is being
tracked at and related
documents (notes, design documents, meeting minutes, etc.) are being
stored at

The latest thinking for the design of the DVN SP implementation (still
in the early stages) is here:

Especially interesting to discuss on this list will be how various
institutions run their Identity Provider (IdP) to ensure that the DVN
SP implementation will be compatible with all of them.

Beyond Shibboleth and SAML, discussion of anything related to auth
such as OAuth, API keys, Single Sign On (SSO) in general, etc. is
certainly welcome. Representative development tickets include:

- Password restrictions:
- API keys (OAuth?):

Despite the targeted nature of this mailing list, auth is also on
topic for the general Dataverse community mailing list:

In addition, #dvn on the freenode IRC network is a good place to
discuss all things DVN. The latest log is at and the easiest way to join is


Philip Durbin
Software Developer for
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