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Núria Raga Raga

Mar 16, 2023, 11:28:48 AMMar 16
to Dataverse Users Community
Hello everyone,

In our organisation we have doubts about these citation metadata:
- Origin of Sources
- Characteristic of the Sources Notes
- Documentation and Access to Sources

We want to give information to researchers about what these metadata mean and some recommendations about which content they have to put but we don't really know the best way to explain it. We haven't seen any datasets with these metadata so we don't have examples. 

Anyone knows more about this?

Thank you!!!

Geneviève Michaud

Mar 16, 2023, 12:19:29 PMMar 16

We don't use such metadata, so I will only point you to two sources of information:

- there is a crosswalk, referenced below(0) between Dataverse metadata and DDI 2.5. metadata (DDI being a data documentation standard implemented in Dataverse - sorry of this already known to you) metadata available online here. It gives a mapping for instance with the Dataverse metadata fields you are looking for:

Field Label (Dataverse)
DescriptionDDI Codebook 2.5
Data SourceInformation, such as a persistent ID or citation, about sources of the Dataset (e.g. a book, article, serial, or machine-readable data file)stdyDscr > method > dataColl > sources > dataSrc
Origin of Historical SourcesFor historical sources, the origin and any rules followed in establishing them as sourcesstdyDscr > method > dataColl > sources > srcOrig
Characteristic of SourcesCharacteristics not already noted elsewherestdyDscr > method > dataColl > sources > srcChar
Documentation and Access to Sources
1) Methods or procedures for accessing data sources and 2) any special permissions needed for accessstdyDscr > method > dataColl > sources > srcDocu

(1) People from canadian Universities (reference below) have published a Best Practices Document (based on DDI 2.X) where you may fin examples for the mapped fields (starting page 51, paragraph ). It's avalable online here.

Best of luck,


(0) The Dataverse Project. (2020, February). Dataverse 4+ Metadata Crosswalk.

(1) Jane Fry (Carleton University), Alexandra Cooper (Queen’s University), Susan Mowers (University of Ottawa), Carys Carrington (Carleton University) Best Practices Document Based on DDI 2.x, Version 3.1,
January 2019

Geneviève Michaud
CDSP - UAR 828 Sciences Po - CNRS

Centre de Données Socio-Politiques

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Vaidas Morkevičius

Mar 16, 2023, 12:31:15 PMMar 16

You could also look at how these fields were used for our historical statistics Dataverse: All the datasets include information about Data Source and Origins of Sources.

Best wishes,
Vaidas Morkevičius

Philip Durbin

Mar 16, 2023, 9:24:40 PMMar 16
Hi Núria,

In addition to the fantastic reponses by Geneviève and Vaidas, I'd like to add that if you want to see these fields used in the wild, you could do searches against this or that installation of Dataverse like this:

I hope this helps!


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