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Feb 24, 2017, 5:59:59 PM2/24/17
to Dataverse Users Community
Hi everyone,

We'll have our community call at noon EST on Tuesday 2/28. Call in info:

Please feel free to let me know if there are any topics that you'd like to discuss. We'll always have time set aside for the community to ask and answer questions, but if there's something that interests you and is more detailed, we can set it as an agenda topic. 



Philip Durbin

Feb 28, 2017, 4:46:47 PM2/28/17
Great call, everyone. A whole hour! Here are the notes I took, with help from Julian and others. Corrections are welcome, of course!

2017-02-28 Dataverse Community Call


* DDI Working Group
* Community Questions

* Danny (IQSS)
* Gustavo (IQSS)
* Phil (IQSS)
* Michael (IQSS)
* Tania (IQSS)
* Julian (IQSS)
* Len (IQSS)
* Ryan Steans (TDL)
* Slava (DANS)
* Amber (SP)
* Kevin (SP)
* Katelyn (SP)
* Lilian (SP)
* Sherry Lake (UVA)
* Tim DiLauro (JHU)
* Pete (HMS; arrived ~10m late)
* Steve McEachern (ADA)


* DDI Working Group
   * Scheduling the first meeting:
   * Google Group thread:!topic/dataverse-community/SYM-sTc56w8
* Questions from the Community
   * (Amber) I'm interested in Ryan's setup ( )
      * (Ryan) Local installation running in AWS serving 22 institutions. Using Shibboleth.
      * TDL Dataverse Implementation Working Group Final Report:
      * Service Manager - Courtney - focused on helping onboard those universities without deep information science folks
         * SP is interested in this model
      * Possible Panel
   * (Ryan) Asked about the Community Meeting, especially proposals for talks.
      * (Danny) You can submit a proposal at
   * (Kevin) When will the 4.7 release be out.
      * (Danny) May slip from Q1 to Q2, see
      * Tania and Julia spoke about upcoming features. Designing and testing a homepage that answers "What's in this thing?" using the FAST vocabulary.
         * Julian will link up the old Community Call notes about using FAST (Jan. 31)
   * (Amber) What about existing dataset? How do they migrate to the new controlled vocabulary for subjects?
      * (Juilan) For datasets in Harvard Dataverse, it would be a curation effort to assign FAST terms to existing datasets.
      * (Gustavo) We could also map the existing 13 terms to terms in the FAST vocabulary, so other installations’ datasets are still described with appropriate subject.
      * (Steve McEachern) Testing should be done to figure out how appropriate the vocabulary will be for other installations, especially outside of the US. He’s helping write a proposal to take FAST and adjust it for use with the Australian Data Archive?
      * (UI/UX) Will post wireframes in progress.
   * (Kevin) I'm interested in the geospatial features coming in 4.6.2
      * (Amber) It relates to the Data Explorer app Kevin is working on.
   * (Michael) We're working on a feature having to do with having a workflow for publishing a dataset, set as sending requests to external systems. Are there other use cases for a workflow feature like this?
      * (Amber) We've considered having a separate storage piece that Dataverse could point to for sensitive data, or large files, or data with many volumes that require further processing.
      * (Tim/JHU) Streaming media and database access
      * (OSF/Sherry) Freeze and Publish - Registration event
   * (Sherry) Any trouble exporting DDI?
      * (Kevin) Have seen problems publishing datasets with HTML in the description.
         * (Phil) This is probably
         * (Kevin) We've fixed it in our fork.
   * (Steve) Better support for something (?) in DDI metadata.
   * (Steve) Adapting the approval process. Restricted files. More requirements for the "Request Access" workflow. Have considered forking the code. More info in the guestbook. Additional conditions of use. "Tell me about your project as you're requesting access."
      * (Gustavo) This issue is related:

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