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Steven McEachern

May 10, 2017, 8:08:46 AM5/10/17
to Dataverse Users Community, Steven McEachern,,
Hi everyone,

We are interested in adding the guestbook functionality available for open files into the restricted data access workflow.
We recognise that we will need to make our our fork of the code in order to do this.

Basically we would like, upon finding a restricted access dataset of interest, that the process would be as follows:
  1. The user logs in
  2. The user requests access to a file or dataset using the "Request Access" button
  3. The user is then prompted to complete a Guestbook which specifies the details of their request
  4. Upon completion of the guestbook, the user "submits" and the notification of the access request is then sent to the data owner/contact
  5. The data owner would then approve or deny the request
By my understanding, this is basically the same of the existing process for restricted access data, except that step 3 (completion of the Guestbook) is added.

Ideally we would also like to make the contents of the guestbook available to the data owner so that they can use the guestbook information in assessing the request and whether to grant access.

We are looking for advice on:
a) Where we should be looking in the code base to adapt/extend the existing restricted access workflow
b) Suggestions on how to call the guestbook function as part of the proposed process above

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Australian Data Archive

May 10, 2017, 5:23:15 PM5/10/17
to Dataverse Users Community,,,
Hi Steve,

I know that we had started discussing this in but it's good to come back to it. If at all possible, I'd like for the Dataverse Team and the ADA developers to work together to implement this in a way that we can avoid the need to fork and at the same time make this workflow available to the Dataverse Community. I think there are other organizations who may be interested. 

Could we perhaps discuss via Skype some afternoon/evening (EDT) next week? In the meantime, I'll ask a developer to answer your specific questions about the guestbook code.



Mercè Crosas

May 10, 2017, 5:47:11 PM5/10/17
to, Steven McEachern,,
Hi Steve,

We'd love to work with you on making these improvements to the "Request Access" workflow. Indeed, this is very similar to a workflow that we need to support for some dataverses within Harvard Dataverse. As Danny suggested, yes, please let's plan a call to discuss so we coordinate the efforts and bring this useful functionality to Dataverse. We can even plan a code walkthrough for the call. I'll let Gustavo add to this on how to prepare for the meeting to be as efficient as possible,

Let us know when works for you.


Mercè Crosas, Ph.D., Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, IQSS, Harvard University

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