Can ORCID and Research Gate be integrated with Dataverse

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Florio Arguillas

Oct 26, 2022, 1:40:18 PM10/26/22
to Dataverse Users Community


We are exploring deploying Dataverse and would like to know if we can integrate Dataverse with the following:

1. Datacite  -- looks like the answer to this is Yes.
3. Research Gate
4. What other databases/sites did you integrate your Dataverse with?

Please let me know.

If you have already done these, kindly please provide me a link to a sample in your dataverse repository?


Florio Arguillas, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Cornell Center for Social Sciences

Sebastian Karcher

Oct 26, 2022, 2:39:40 PM10/26/22
1. Yes, Datacite integration comes pretty much out of the box.
2. What exactly do you mean by ORCID integration? Dataverse does have an ORCID field in the metadata and that's automatically linked and sent to Datacite. See e.g. the Metadata tab here: and the ORCID next to Andy's name.
It's also possible to run SSO using ORCID -- see Harvard's login page:

3. Not sure what you mean by RG integration, what type of linkage or lookup are you looking for? I'm not aware of anyone doing this or even asking about it before.
4. There has been a bunch of work on working with external controlled vocabularies (driven by CESSDA implementation):, that's the most pertinent thing I can think of.

Happy to chat about Dataverse in general if that's helpful, but I'm guessing some of the IR instances might be able to provide more helpful insights for your use case.
All the best,

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Sebastian Karcher, PhD

Philip Durbin

Nov 23, 2022, 11:46:36 AM11/23/22
I'm also curious to hear what a ResearchGate integration would look like.

I assume you've seen the list of supported integrations but here's a handy link just in case:

For a lot of these, there's no work to do. You can just tell your users that they can deposit to your installation of Dataverse from RSpace, for example.

I hope this helps,



Florio Orocio Arguillas

Nov 23, 2022, 3:52:37 PM11/23/22

Hi Sebastian and Phil,


Thanks for the info!  Really helpful!


Here’s an example of how we integrated Research Gate (and ORCID, too)  in our current archive (not Dataverse, at the moment).



Florio Orocio Arguillas

Nov 23, 2022, 4:03:34 PM11/23/22

Here’s the link to the example:

Sebastian Karcher

Nov 23, 2022, 9:41:58 PM11/23/22
It would be possible to add RG usernames as author identifiers to the metadata with a trivial customization (one row in a spreadsheet) -- they already have a range of other identifiers like Scopus ID and Researcher ID. I guess it'd technically also be possible to then do the same thing we do for ORCID and display a hyperlinked icon: that'd be a slightly larger change that actually requires code change. That said, I'm actually a bit skeptical of doing this -- RG doesn't participate in any meaningful way in the PID graph and the usernames aren't really meant as PIDs, so these links are a) not particularly stable nor can they be expected to behave like PID links otherwise and b) not linked to any machine-readable metadata, so they just end up being a commercial for a for-profit that isn't exactly known as a well-behaved player in the scholarly ecosystem. So I certainly wouldn't want this for QDR, even though I understand that some researchers love RG.

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