Parent and Sub Dataverses: displaying data sets

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Cheryl Thompson

Mar 20, 2020, 11:36:10 AM3/20/20
to Dataverse Users Community
I have a UNC Dataverse user question that I hope this group might offer some insights. The user wants to create multiple, related Dataverses. She created a parent Dataverse and sub-Dataverses. However, she does not want the sub-Dataverse records to appear in the parent Dataverse list (or to be nested). I know that you can turn on/off whether the sub-Dataverses display in the parent Dataverse, but I don't think you can turn on/off the datasets. Any suggestions? My workaround idea was to have the user link Dataverses, not create parent-sub relationships.

I look forward to any advice on how to help this user. 

Hope you and yours are well!


Cheryl A. Thompson, PhD 
Research Data Archivist 
H. W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science 
University of North Carolina 

Durand, Gustavo

Mar 20, 2020, 2:08:26 PM3/20/20
Hi Cheryl,

You're correct that you can't turn off the display of just datasets from the sub dataverses. However, I'm not sure linking dataverses would solve her issue either - when you link a Dataverse you are effectively also linking all the datasets. Note that there was a bug here that was recently fixed, but has not yet been released:

(so you may not be seeing the datasets currently, but that behavior would change with the upcoming 4.20)

I'd suggest opening a github issue for this and we can get community feedback on how we should try to handle these types of cases.


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