AWS RDS, Postgres and version upgrades

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Don Sizemore

Mar 29, 2021, 8:07:57 AM3/29/21

Please forgive my ignorance, but I'm reading about AWS RDS, major/minor version upgrades, and considering Glassfish/Payara's DB connection pool. I'm mostly asking for experiences from those already running in Amazon and who use RDS.

I would like to run our database in RDS to take advantage of its point-in-time backups and to protect the Postgres service from the instance filesystem filesystem, but I imagine that we would have to disable "auto-minor-upgrades" lest they break the DB pool connection.

Can those of you using Postgres in RDS tell me what you love or hate about it? Have you triggered a manual minor version update, and on what sort of lag does it return? War stories? Love stories? Stern warnings?

Thank you,

Deirdre Kirmis

Mar 29, 2021, 8:36:48 PM3/29/21

Hi Don … we have Dataverse installed using AWS RDS, and we have minor upgrades disabled. I really like having the automated backups, although we also daily dump the database and copy it to external S3. I like having the ability to create a read-replica of the database, so we can perform our db exports (or queries on the data) without interfering with the live/prod db. Another good thing about RDS is that you can turn on autoscaling, or change the database instance type on the fly. We have already had to do this once (not for dataverse but for another application). The application had crashed because the db storage had filled, and we just had to modify the db instance and turn on autoscaling, and the app was back up in minutes.  The disadvantage would probably be not having as much control over querying and managing the database, ie: you can’t ssh into it, but you can still install pgadmin or workbench to view the components.


Having said all that, we have only had our dataverse up and running for about 5 months, so don’t have a lot of traffic, so haven’t really run into any big issues. I would be curious to see, also, what issues others have had, and what the responses are regarding enabling minor updates … wondering if anyone has turned that on and if it caused an issue.


Night Owl

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