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Sep 11, 2018, 10:04:58 AM9/11/18
to Dataverse Users Community
Hi everyone,

We'll have our usual call at Noon ET today. We'll have plenty of time for Community Questions. If you have topic suggestions for future calls, please let me know! 

For more details, including call in information, please check out the Community Calls page: 



Philip Durbin

Sep 11, 2018, 4:11:22 PM9/11/18

2018-09-11 Dataverse Community Call


* Community Questions


* Danny Brooke (IQSS)
* Pete Meyer (HMS)
* Phil Durbin (IQSS)
* Gustavo Durand (IQSS)
* James Doiron (University of Alberta)
* Piyapong Charoenwattana (University of Alberta)
* Slava Tykhonov (DANS)
* Paul Boon (DANS)
* Amber Leahey (SP)
* Peter Kiraly (Goettingen U)
* Jim Myers (QDR, TDL)
* Sherry Lake (UVA)
* Julian Gautier (IQSS)


* (Danny) Optional file PIDs pull request has been merged
   * Will go out in next release, perhaps 4.9.3 instead of 4.10.
* Large File Upload
   * Will be 4.10
* Community Questions
* (Amber) Large file upload and download. Larger than 2 GB. Just received a grant.
   * (Pete) There is still movement on large file upload and download. Dual mode is the first step toward bringing big data support to the wider community. However, files cannot be restricted.
   * (Amber) John Crabtree is working on something related (TRSA). Separate call to discuss large file upload and download.
   * (Jim) TDL has been able to upload up to ~5GB. I've developed a separate file uploader[a][b][c][d][e].
* (Danny) Will follow up with setting up a meeting for big data
* (Amber) Internationalization. Community effort.
   * (Slava) Question about bundle files for translation. After an upgrade, someone should maintain the bundles, adding the new entries.
   * (Amber) I'm not sure all the details have been figured out yet. We need to figure out the workflow.
   * (Slava) What about different versions of French? France vs. Canada.
   * (Slava) French version from Paris
   * (Phil) We could dust off!forum/dataverse-internationalization-wg
   * * (Slava) Installation script. It was longer before. Now installation isn't working.
   * (Danny) We did some work over the summer with a group from RedHat ( ) and we are currently revising these changes ( ). Please leave details about problems in #4966.
* (Slava) The new version of Solr isn't working for us. Solr 7.
   * (Danny) Please open a GitHub issue for this.
* (James) Dataset Search was released by Google. Make Data Count support is coming in the future. Is there more information coming about metrics?
   * (Danny) We need to revisit metrics as a community exercise. We'll be talking to the Make Data Count folks soon. We were recently awarded a grant from the Sloan Foundation and a blog post is coming.
   * (Amber) There have been a number of attempts to bring more metrics to the users using tools that query the database directly.
      * (TDL)
      * and (SP)
      * Miniverse (Harvard)
* (Sherry) I've been talking to the Center for Open Science and looking for ways to get the OSF working and working better.
   * (Phil) "isullivan" showed up in chat yesterday:
   * Yes, Ian Sullivan from OSF.

[a]Is this on GitHub?
[b]At TDL right now - will get it out. It's a separate app.
[c]Ok, thanks. Great to hear it will be open source!
[e]FWIW - I hope to extend it to read the export Bags back in with metadata...

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