DataPortability Project's Steering nominations 2011

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Elias Bizannes

Dec 11, 2010, 4:46:10 PM12/11/10
to, DataPortability.Action.Steering, DataPortability.General
A reminder that candidates for the 2011 Steering Group have been open
since Thursday. You will have until the 15th to nominate yourself or
another person for the Steering Group. Only active members of the
plenary can nominate or be nominated.

The following people are considered active members and therefore are
eligible to be members of Steering. They also are eligible to nominate
another active member or vote if an election occurs. (Note: you can
still be a member of the plenary, but you have missed the deadline for
the Steering Group 2011 nomination process.)

Jim Caruso
Titus Fortner
Christian Scholz
Fearghas McKay
Daniela Barbosa
Phil Wolff
Dan Brickley
Steven Greenberg
Willem Kossen
Drummond Reed
Steve Repetti
Brady Brim-DeForest
Nate Benes
Steve Williams
J. Trent Adams
Rudy X. Desjardins
Rai Pratibha
Elias Bizannes

*Please submit nominations to by
the 15h December.* Please cc me in case your message bounces.

An election will be called if more than 12 nominations are submitted
in that period, in which I will send another message informing conduct
for the election and the process.

Elias Bizannes

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Date: Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 4:00 PM
Subject: DataPortability Project's Plenary and Steering membership deadlines
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The following notice is to
- have people reconfirm their intention to be members of the plenary,
the general assembly that can vote and make policy decisions on behalf
of the DataPortability community.
- be aware of important dates that impact the 2011 Steering membership.
- It is done in accordance with the regulations:

A follow up email will be sent as other deadlines hit.

* You must nominate yourself or someone else to be a member of the
plenary by the 8th December 2010 to be eligible to vote. Plenary
membership expires on the 31st of December so people from the previous
year are still members but you must nominate yourself if you are new.
Current members of the plenary that are in good standing include:
- Nate Benes
- Steve Repetti
- J. Trent Adams
- Rudy X. Desjardins

Please note these four individuals still need to nominate themselves
for 2011 if they wish to be a member in good standing, however due to
the timing of their intent, they are eligible to vote in the upcoming
Steering nomination and election process.

The below listed were previous members of the plenary or their
membership will not be in good standing for the election. *They will
be ineligible to vote for the upcoming election that determines
membership for Steering in 2011*

- Fearghas McKay
- Phil Wolff
- Dan Brickley
- Matthias Pfefferle
- Drummond Reed
- Matt Wilkinson
- Wilhelm Kossen
- Rai Pratibha
- Steve Williams
- Anthony Broad-Crawford
- Steve Greenberg
- Brady Brim-DeForest
- Alisa Leonard
- Tom Baker
- Daniel Appelquist
- Jay Meyers
- Mark Lizar
- Rick Yazwinski
- Christian Scholz
- Chris Lunt
- Jeremy LeBard
- Chris Saad
- Loïc Dias Da Silva
- Brett McDowel
- Nick Givotovsky (RIP)
- Elias Bizannes

* Under 4.11 regulations, an election will formally open on the 22nd
December (which will be two weeks after the plenary deadline)
* To nominate yourself or someone else to be a member of Steering, you
must do so no earlier than the 8th of December and no later than the
15th of December
* If the total number of nominations exceeds 12 on the close of the
15th of December, an election will be held the following week from the
22nd and will stay open until the 29th December. If nominations are
below 12 (the maximum number of positions on the Steering group),
those who are nominated will become the new Steering members for 2011.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in our public
community forum:


Elias Bizannes
Chairperson, DataPortability Project

Drummond Reed

Dec 11, 2010, 5:25:33 PM12/11/10
to,, Elias Bizannes
Thanks, Elias. I am volunteering to serve on the Steering Group for the calendar year 2011.


Drummond Reed
Co-Chair, OASIS XRI and XDI Technical Committees

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Dec 12, 2010, 7:10:28 AM12/12/10
to DataPortability.Action.Steering

I am willing to be part of the steering group. My focus is
international awareness and internationalization.
I'm based in the Netherlands / Europe so there's only so much 'awake
time' that overlaps with the folks at the other side of the world. We
need to look into meeting schedules to make this happen.

Kind regards,

Willem Kossen
> Elias Bizannes
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