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Thejesh GN

Mar 20, 2021, 1:16:35 AMMar 20
to datameet
LGD publishes some important IDs, that can be useful. I also think WikiData item Id as a primary key. I just started syncing both of them locally so, I can update the WikiData with missing Census Location IDs. States was easy, but districts turned out to be not so easy.

I have blogged here

But here are the differences. Let me know what do you guys think.

Q955977South ArcotFormer district in Tamil Nadu, India Needs to be marked as dissolved in WikiData
Q1900496BangaloreFormer district in Karnataka, India Needs to be marked as dissolved in WikiData
Q1606061AndamanFormer district of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Needs to be marked as dissolved in WikiData
Q24949801ShahbazwanDistrict of Bihar in India is this same as GOPALGANJ district? Marked by mistake in WikiData. Should be removed as a district.
Q6007135ImphalWikimedia disambiguation page is ex-district. Was split. Needs to be marked as dissolved in WikiData
Q48731903NoklakDistrict in India, NagalandNew district. LGD needs update. January 20, 2021.
Q61746013 NarayanapetDistrict of Telangana, India There seem to be a duplicate Narayanpet district (Q85787759); but Q61746013 was created earlier. DataCommons also uses the same. It also has
Q29025081East Karbi AnglongDistrict of Assam, India When KARBI ANGLONG was split. The western part became the new "West Karbi Anglong" and the rest remained part of "Karbi Anglong". There is no "East Karbi Anglong" as such. Should be removed in WikiData?
Q101088203Bajalidistrict of Assam India New district formed in 12 January 2021. LGD needs an update
DONT KNOW Vijayanagara district of Karnataka in IndiaNew district formed in 2020/21. Needs an addition to LGD. May be mark Q1611788 as district in WikiData?
DONT KNOW Chachaura district of mpMissing on LGD, WikiData and OSM. No gazette yet
DONT KNOW Maihar district of mpMissing on LGD, WikiData and OSM. No gazette yet
DONT KNOW Nagda district of mp Missing on LGD and WikiData. No gazette yet.
Q61439260Pakke-Kessang district of Arunachal Pradesh in IndiaIt was missing from WikiData query results. Because it was not tagged as district. I updated WikiData.

Thejesh GN  ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್

Bodhisattwa Mandal

Mar 20, 2021, 10:28:43 AMMar 20
Hi Thejesh,

The best place to discuss this is here -

There are Wikidata contributors who had been working on this, who might respond there.


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Arun Ganesh

Mar 20, 2021, 2:39:19 PMMar 20
to datameet
Very cool Thejesh! The LGD dataset is definitely super useful to help reconcile various other datasets that reference any territory.

Have been maintaining a dump of all the other LGD lookups here . Would be great to have it merged with the datmeet repo and see how we can maintain an easy to access dump of

Thejesh GN

Mar 21, 2021, 12:30:32 AMMar 21
to datameet

Arun - Sure. How do we proceed?

I also have the udise_districts and udise_blocks in the same SQLITE. udise_districts uses a completely different  udise_dist_code. I will try and map wikiDataId to this as well.

udise_blocks are completely different from blocks as a geographical area. I am not going to pick it up as of now.

My plan to pickup sub-district after this.

Thejesh GN  ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್

Naveen Francis

Mar 25, 2021, 10:26:25 PMMar 25
to datameet

To maintain the country subdivision data model, there is a task force in Wikidata. 

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