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Ravi Chopra

Jul 11, 2022, 5:01:33 AMJul 11
to, Arun Ganesh
Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for your help on my need for 8K towns.
@Arun Ganesh : I have used your dataset and it is super helpful. I am using it to identify towns and cities near to quadrilateral road network of lndia for growth analysis and their impact on lakes in these cities/towns. Finally my study leads down to idea of "proactive lake conservation".

The only challenge in this geojson is unavailability of city/town names. But Google map has really great city/town data.

@All: I couldn't use subsidt boundary etc, reason being all such data will convert polygon to point that may or may not be the exact location. I needed exact city/town location. Even OSM extract has only 4330 cities/towns but as per govt. it's 7900 cities. 

But even this data is of great help. Thanks to OSM community.

Thanks again

On Sat, 9 Jul 2022, 05:54 , <> wrote:
Ravi Chopra <>: Jul 08 12:26PM +0530

Hi All,
I am looking for lat-long or point data of ~8000 cities/towns of India.
Thanks and regards,
Deepak Sharda <>: Jul 08 01:26PM +0530

Try geo sadak platform for habitation. You need to parse the information
you require.
Dammalapati Sai Krishna <>: Jul 08 01:31PM +0530

I'm just curious, do you have the list of 7935 towns and cities? Seems an
easy task to get the geospatial coordinates if we have this list (Which
every e-commerce firm generally has, I assume).
Sai Krishna.
Deepak Sharda <>: Jul 08 02:32PM +0530

When you say town or city what you refer too?
you can get all districts (735+ ) + (6500+) sub district from many sources.
Or if have the list of town names i will provide you with the coordinates.
Kindly share.
On Fri, 8 Jul, 2022, 1:32 pm Dammalapati Sai Krishna, <
Sarath Guttikunda <>: Jul 08 02:40PM +0530
This is one option -- if you have the names.
If the program doesn't recognize the name immediately, it will give you
options to select. I never tried for more than 20 city names. Some manual
work involved cross-checking, but it worked.
With best wishes,
*Dr. Sarath Guttikunda*
* <>*
Jobin Jose <>: Jul 08 02:14PM +0530

Try this
Jobin Jose
Arun Ganesh <>: Jul 08 11:18AM -0400

Per, there are 248 municipal corporations and
4,550 other urban local bodies. Full list without coordinates
On OSM, there are around 8,000 points tagged as a city, town or suburb.
Have extracted it here as a geojson
Please do share how you are using this data.
Aryan Srivastava <>: Jul 02 01:46PM -0700

A team of researchers and I are looking for data on Bihar Panchayat
Elections 2021. Specifically, we hope to find data on winners and runner
ups, and the number/percentage of votes they received.
If you have any leads, and/or suggestions for where we might be able to
find this data, please drop a reply!
Thank you,
Aryan Srivastava
Kritarth Jha <>: Jul 08 01:25PM +0530

TCPD just came out with their Urban Local Bodies Dataset (documentation here
and have info on state/central elections updated regularly here
I'd write to them, they'd either have it or point you to the right
government websites to download it from.
Hope this helps,
On Fri, 8 Jul 2022 at 08:01, Aryan Srivastava <>
Kritarth Jha,
University of Cambridge, MPhil Economics 2017-18
University of Cambridge, Advanced Diploma in Economics, 2016-17
IIT Kharagpur, B.Tech, Class of 2016
Kaushik Roy <>: Jun 27 08:50PM -0700

I uplaoded the data to bigquery, so you can do that too. it will work.
"" <>: Jul 07 11:06PM -0700

Hi Ayush,
.geojsonl loads fine in QGIS. Maybe from there you can export it in a
format your ArcGIS can understand?
In case you just want this data appearing on a map next to your things,
I've published the India data as both vector and raster tiles : see for info.
So it can be added in ArcGIS as a vector or raster layer same way you'd add
OSM background layer.
"" <>: Jul 07 10:12PM -0700

Hi Pratibha,
Press Ctrl+S on your keyboard. Save the raw data you're seeing to your
computer as a .geojson file.
All .geojson files are inherently text files only so they open up in text
editors, browsers etc as raw text.
After saving the file, then you'll be able to load it in QGIS or so as
On Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 7:56:54 AM UTC+5:30
chris mathen <>: Jul 08 05:11AM +0530

Gridded rainfall and temperature data are available on this website.
Christopher Kuruvilla Mathen
On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 12:53 AM Jayshree Dutta <>
Dammalapati Sai Krishna <>: Jul 08 03:28AM +0530

The method to acquire this data and to aggregate it at district levels can be taken from here:
Let me know if you need more help.
Sai Krishna
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