Notes from session on mobile / geolocation apps (Aaron & Case)

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Joe McCarthy

Feb 19, 2011, 3:44:29 PM2/19/11
to DataCampSEA
Quick & dirty notes from session:

Aaron & Amber Case
GeoLoqi (
iPhone & Android
JSON + Oauth

Chattercast (
911 data from the city
As you walk down the street, you'd get real-time 911 call data via

Open Government Hackathon:
DontEatThat: restaurant inspection data
Text message when you walk by a restaurant with inspection lower < 50

Science Hackathon: Palo Alto
Text you a question about science, tied to location, e.g., what kind
of brick is in the building to your right. Includes a leaderboard.

Triggers: automatically send a text to your boss if you are not
detected in an area by a certain time
Share your location with someone
Privacy issues: post your location with a link that expires at a
specified time
Can use any Lat/Long data, subscribe to that data
Geofences: radius specification for location-based data
Battery life monitoring
Accounts: can subscribe to layers
integration with foursquare checkins
may need to add ratings (to identify lame layers)
For more info:

Tropo (
Send / receive SMS notifications
Can build interactive chat apps (via a number)
e.g., Science Hackathon game

Phono app
turns your browser into a phone client

Speech synthesis

Code samples

Assistive technologies?
Not used much for this (yet): more for games
Limitations: Can't have turn-by-turn directions

Could use geolocation help application
Demo app ended up using it for finding beer (help, we ran out of beer)

Richard: works for King County, GIS data
Built environment data, density, transit data, water quality, location-
based amount of CO2 emissions
Sustainability: EnviroStars, Chinook book businesses
App ideas
Help people find healthy foods, socially responsible businesses (don't
have that data yet)
Goal (King County): help promote more healthy, sustainable behavior
through access to data / information
Healthy food access
King County Spatial Data Catalog:

Find out hat's nearby

idea: app for mapping a path for wheelchair access in downtown

Seattle API
working on GeoFetch JQuery plugin in order to tie Flickr photos to
MyNeighborhood map data from

Google Maps API
Can replace Google Map tiles with whatever you want

Reverse GeoCoding:
Wanted: mapping from lat/long to nearest intersection
Typically: map from lat/long to an address

Exercises so far
Haven't hit critical mass (yet)
Still need to experiment (a lot) at this stage
Foursquare (Dodgeball?) grew out of NYU project
Goal: provide tools for people to play / experiment

King County: web site under development: key in address, learn more
about amenities in the area.

MyNeighborhood map from Socrata
Geo-JSON data for landmarks

geolocation marketing
Need good filters: want to have sufficient specificity (e.g., Indian
food, >= 20% discount, within one-block radius)

Layar: augmented reality app for iPhone (
Issue: lag time in downloading location-based content (up to 30
Also: heads-up displays, e.g., Steve Mann (
steve.html), Thad Starner (
The tension between attending to offline and online activities and
(cf book: Alone Together by Sherry Turkle)
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