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Chacha Sikes

Feb 17, 2011, 8:09:48 PM2/17/11
to DataCampSEA
Hey DataCamp attendees!

As you might see, I started this page on our DataCamp website.

This is a public list of projects we might work on. We will archive
what we make and post it to the web after the event.
I'm modeling after this list, which I think is super cool:

I added a few projects to get the ball rolling:
* The "Open Data" one is pretty open right now - and it's likely that
one of the morning discussions will be talking about open data and
developing apps.
* Other projects - Community Calendars (events), and "Pimp My Blog" -
setting up an aspiring community blogger with resources to rock their

If you want me to post any 'problem statements' on the website, go
ahead and send them to me.

If you want to edit them yourself on the website, let me know and I
can create an account for you & show you where to do the edits

My role on Saturday will be do coordinate the day and help smooth out
the projects. But we will look to all of the project organizers to
pitch & help participants find something to help out with.

This will be a new experience for most people. It may perhaps be
easier to focus on getting one thing done well than trying to do too
much and not finishing it.

If you want to go ahead and start talking projects here in the Google
Group, please go ahead.

The current plan for Saturday:

1. Project organizers will self-identify in the morning.
2. We can all check in before lunch & self-identify again before
3. At lunch, folks can talk about projects.
4. When lunch is over - we'll have each project organizer do a 2
minute project pitch to everyone - and attendees will join up in
5. Socrata has a number of workspaces with whiteboards, wifi and
tables. Willow from Jigsaw Renaissance has helped Socrata bulk up on
6. One participant will volunteer to create a report about what the
group did and be available to help document the project (collecting
photos, screenshots, urls.)
7. At the end of the day, the whole group will regroup - and present
the project to the rest of the group.
8. Later this weekend: We'll add screenshots, a story, photos, names
of who worked on the project, links and other information to the
website - so you can show off the awesome project we all worked on!

We will have a lot of talent and energy in the room on Saturday. It's
going to be an awesome, awesome day.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

- Chach
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