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Willow Brugh

Feb 19, 2011, 3:26:04 PM2/19/11
to DataCampSEA
South Park notes: where nimbism succeeds in other neighborhoods, less
desirable things get shifted to South Park. Successful community
lobbies for riverbank cleanup, bridge, etc.
Rich history, improvements on the culuture, fighting not being a
dumping ground
There's a lively list serve (600 people on it) : public but not
indexed : about 5 years old
3k people, 7k employees; average age is low because there are so many
children; involved age group is 30-60; politically involved; even
people who have moved away are still involved in improving and
protecting the neighborhood
Useful to pull info from the mailing list onto the blog?
What other blogs exist about south park? Aggregate? Enough flow for
critical mass. Wanting something like West Seattle Blog?
News source balanced with touchy-feely. Need a place to find out
what's going on. We have meetings every day of the week because
there's so much going on. We also have latino community, need to
Most of the people on my street aren't on the listserv. Need a
calendar in a couple different languages
It's a big deal to keep a blog going - keep content levels up,
quality, hand off to new people, etc. Something like .
Consistantly be feeding off one place.
Switching platforms is a problem.
Trumba - city of Seattle host it? (calendar aggregator, way to submit,
etc) @BillSchrier, has an RSS and iCal feed - could pull direct feed
or widget; Steve Ripley is who to talk to
Can we take what's in the yahoo group and tag it to export to a group/
blog tab? Subgroups within Yahoo Group (events, political action, etc)
Datamining group to do a network of people/topics, what are people
interested in to determine subgroups (dog on the loose, bridge, etc)
Have grant money for great events, helping businesses (esp due to
bridge loss)
@willowbl00 - Hazard Factory
Don't really know waht we want or need, but we do need *something*
Don't want to gentrify your neighborhood, but I would like people to
think differently about South Park.
You can teach lessons to other neighborhoods in Seattle through your
sense of community. Not just how can we help South Park but what can
we learn from them?
Showcase the mailing list - it shows how invested everyone is. Show it
off, invite people to join in
Usability study of - how Seattlites try to access
information about their community: events, news, etc; can set up a
meeting with Dustin Hodge about usability fory our website
zanby - online collaboration tool. There are groups which are set up
to handle multiple listservs in multiple groups. Could create multiple
distinct discussions around topics. (but would mean switching).
Resident owns the domain.
There needs to be one central place to go for all this.
AllAboutSouthPark is already set up
currently a wordpress site
@willowbl00 wordpress class at Jigsaw
Interview with local business owners / spotlight / awesome houses?
LinkedIn working on a new website, draws about 1k people, about
events, want to start working with businesses and events in South Park
Business Spotlight and Residence Spotlight
Seattle My Neighborhood map? Set with new quadrants
Skills training for sharing information
Document how you got to where you are, what you went through
Interaction with city gov, resources are available for you and how to
contact them
Neighborhood council, how people get involved

Task list:
Three things need to get done: ways to get moving communicaitons
objects (group, blog, prominent voices in different ways) aggregated,
how to share the work (updating content, what help you need), bridging
online and offline (print off calendar? newsletter?) and translation
(translate this page)
*embed and showcase mailing list (tagging, subgroups, blog about list)
*make calendar go
*fix up wordpress in general (comment function, theme, layout, etc)
*editorial schedule - when do you post content about what
*what do you need help on?
*embedded map of SouthPark businesses

*native spanish-speaker to blog, translate
*sharing work
*newsletter (mailchimp for online and to print) (vote for "mailchimp")
*Treasure hunt! to discover South Park
*Skills training, record to post
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